8 Reasons Women Find It Difficult To Orgasm

It's time you get your long over due orgasm!

8 Reasons Women Find It Difficult To Orgasm

For women who have almost been there, it can be frustrating to not reach the desired orgasm. While it is often easier for your partner to climax, it is not the same with women. According to a research by Psychology Today, 25% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm. Even for those women who do orgasm, the frequency is not a 100%.

A lot of women can get off only through masturbation and few have never reached that point of pleasure. Don’t stress, it can only make things worse. Here are 8 reasons that could be stopping you from orgasming.

1) Speeding through foreplay

In long term relationships, foreplay may take a backseat. Your guy probably wants to race through the pregame and you probably are hesitant to ask for more. It is essential for you to voice your need for more stimulation so that you both can come at the same time (the best kind of orgasm!)

2) Not stimulating the clitoris

The clitoris has more nerve endings than your vagina. Most women cannot orgasm without clitoris stimulation. The woman-on-top position is optimum for your C-spot spur. You can also wait a while before you go bare. It will build up the necessary lust and passion.

3) Getting distracted

Women often tune out during intercourse, worrying about their bodies or performance. Let loose, relax, the only things tensing up should be your muscles!

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4) Changing positions too much

You are almost beginning to feel it and then your man decides to change the position. Don’t sway too much. It takes time to reach there so communicate to your partner if a particular position and stroke are working.

5) Not Feeling Confident of your body

It is more often an issue of thought than the body. Instead of focusing on the sensual strokes, the caressing, and the thrusts, your mind drifts away to your physical imperfections. Unless and until you feel sexy in your skin, you can’t have hot sex.

6) Perceiving sex as immoral

This is the direct result of the social stigma faced by Indian women. Sex is seen as taboo in conservative societies. The moral police have laid down certain notions about “good girls”. Keep an open mind and enjoy the carnal pleasures.

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7) Your partner is not understanding

It takes an understanding partner to give you as much stimulation you need. Instead of selfishly focusing on his needs alone, he must be willing to fulfill yours.

8) Fear

Women fear to be vulnerable. The moment of orgasm is when you feel a loss of control. Instead, have faith in your partner and don’t hesitate to moan in pleasure as you reach climax.

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