8 Reasons You Are Not Having Enough Sex

8 Reasons You Are Not Having Enough Sex

Setting unrealistic expectations:

Partners may often feel that they are expected to perform like they see it in porn movies or according to their spouse’s unrealistic expectations. This can put them off or cause performance anxiety, which leads to avoiding sex as much as possible.

Physical pain:

Many a time, it is not that a person does not want to have sex with his/her spouse. It’s the pain that he may be suffering from (back pain, chronic migraines, vaginal pain during intercourse, general tiredness after work or household chores, etc.) that discourages him from indulging in sex.

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Hormonal imbalances:

Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, steroids, etc. can lead to a hormonal imbalance further causing loss of interest in sex.

Sexual health issues:

Problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, etc. can also contribute to a sexless marriage.

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Stress and other emotional issues:

Depression, stress, fear of rejection and self-image issues can also put a person off sex.

Lack of physical attraction:

Sometimes the real or perceived lack of physical attraction towards the spouse can lead to a sexless marriage.

Extra marital affairs:

An extra marital affair can lead to a decreased level of sex in marriage.

Emotional and/or physical abuse:

A person in an abusive relationship will certainly have no interest in sex. It is always better to get out of the relationship if it cannot be resolved.

After you have identified the reason behind the lack of sex in your marriage, the next step is to talk openly and candidly with your spouse about these and seek professional assistance together. The professionals who can help will depend on the problems you face; these include medical doctors, sexologists, marriage counsellors and psychologists.

So gear up to have a fabulous sex life.

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