8 Jackets To Flaunt At Work In Winter

8 Jackets To Flaunt At Work In Winter

You may think picking formal clothes is easy. All it takes is going to the mall and investing in a couple of crisp shirts, trousers, and blazers, isn’t it?  If that’s what you have presumed then it’s time to shake your concepts about dressing for work. It’s said you should dress, not according to the job you have but for the job you want. So if workwear is not important to your career than we don’t know what is. What’s more, when it comes to winters, you simply cannot sit in an air-conditioned office enveloped in a shabby shawl and monkey cap, can you? Fret not. Here are 8 jackets that will not only complement any of your formal outfits but also keep you warm.


Women Blazers

When we think of formal jackets, the blazer is the first style that comes to our mind. Choose from an array of types and styles. Semi-formal and formal ranges boast of an array of lapel styles, buttons, and sleeves.

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Woollen Formal Jackets

For those who are skeptical, woolen formal jackets are NOT sweaters! They come with quilted lining from the inside and some with shoulder pads. This gives them stiffness at the shoulders. If you are heavy-bottomed opt for a jacket that is loose at the waist.


Corduroy is ageless! Wear it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a sleek pair of formal pants and a shirt. For a classic no-nonsense formal look opt for a straight-fit pair of pants, a turtleneck, and a tan corduroy jacket.

Matte Faux Leather

matte faux leather jackets

Though matte faux leather jackets look adventurous, pairing one with formal outfit will add a slight casual touch to your otherwise formal attire. If the dress code in your office isn’t strictly formal, then this one will work for you.

Crop Jacket

 crop jacket

Flaunt your curves by pulling a cropped jacket over your formals. Make sure your top is tucked in your bottoms.

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Printed Jacket

Printed Jacket

Plain formal clothes might seem boring. Why not add some elements to them by opting for a printed jacket? Thanks to various Indian fashion designers of the millennia, we can now opt for prints such as modern geometrical motifs and traditional kalamkari and ikat prints for formal jackets.


Cardigan Jacket

Again, these are NOT sweaters. Cardigan jackets are stiff at the shoulders and the cuffs and are super dapper when pulled over formal clothes.

Stand Collar

stand collar Jackets

One winter jacket that complements turtleneck the best is one with a stand collar. You know what looks more dapper and with a no-nonsense element? Simply push your jacket’s sleeves till mid-forearm.

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