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8 Health Foods You Should Eat In Moderation

Healthy eating is healthy living. But what if you start overeating healthy foods? From dairy to fruits to meat products, healthy eaters need to be aware of how “healthy foods” can actually harm you when overdosed on. Below are 8 seemingly healthy foods that can be detrimental when consumed every day.

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  • Dark Chocolate

That goodness you turn to when everything seems dark aka Dark Chocolate is not that good at all. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are good for the heart, dark chocolates help keep your heart healthy. But be careful when you pick up the next bar from the store because some dark chocolates are overloaded with bad sugars and high calories.

  • Nuts

A good way of getting healthy fats in your diets is to eat nuts. But all nuts have different levels of fats and calories which when mixed like eating in a mix trail can shoot up your blood sugar. You can eat a handful on your salads or as a snack once a day. But too much will ruin your diet and health.

  • Avocados

Do you like these green fruits on your toast like a fashionable millennial? Are avocados your go-to snack for any moods? Then you need to slow down and rethink your choices.  Although they are rich in fats and improve your hair, skin and nail health, too many fats can harm your body. They have a high-calorie count that actually isn’t very healthy at all!

  • Peanut Butter

Another guilty pleasure is peanut butter. This yummy food is filled with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. But needs to be eaten with care and consideration since they are also rich in sugars. Soo next time you want to attack the whole bottle, slow down and opt for some spoons only for a healthier life.

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  • Cheese

Craving for cheese? Just like any other dairy products, cheese is a good source of calcium and protein that boost bone development and improve your heart’s condition. Sadly cheese also can be bad since its rich in sodium and fats. Of course, you need that cheesy pizza once a while but keep your cheese in control to stay healthy.

  • Chicken

Although everyone expects chicken to be a low-calorie meal option, it actually getting harmful. Wondering why? They are filled with proteins and calories but nowadays the animals itself are pumped with chemicals and antibiotics. These indirectly end up in your stomach and ruin your health in the long run. Opt for free-range meat that is usually free of such additives.

  • Potatoes

Everyone’s favorite food around the world is hands down any form of potatoes. In fries or boiled or roasted or in mashed form, potatoes have been here for a long time. Go easy on the toppings since potatoes are already high in fats and mixing it up with other food (usually cheese or dairy) can increase your body fats in seconds.

  • Corn

A classic favourite during monsoons, sweet corn or plain corn is delicious and easy to prepare. But eat it in moderation since they are sweet hence the name sweet corn. Corns are filled with sugars that although are healthy, can mess with your body sugars in large doses. These sugars then convert into fat instead and make you very unhealthy.

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