8 Habits That Are Lethal For Liver

8 Habits That Are Lethal For Liver


Liver is one of the most important parts of our body. It helps to keep the body healthy by taking out the toxins from our body. Apart from this, liver has many functions. It would not be wrong to say that our health depends directly on our health of the liver. The best thing is that it replaces damaged cells. But the sad thing is that some of our habits damages the liver so much that it can not be cured. Let us have a look all those bad habits so that by improving them, you can save your liver from getting worse.

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1. Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is the biggest enemy of our liver. It works as a slow poison for the liver. Over consumption of alcohol reduces the efficiency of the liver and it is unable to properly remove toxins from the body. Recent studies have proven that consuming three or more glasses of alcohol a day increases the risk of liver cancer.

2. Excessive Intake Of Drugs

Many people have a habit of using a pain-killer without the prescription of a doctor even for a small pain. This habit is very harmful for the liver, because the pen killer can cause liver and kidney damage. Apart from this, some people take medicines by looking at different types of attractive ads to stay fit and reduce weight. The consumption of these drugs also leads to liver damage. Paracetamol may also prove to be harmful for the liver. According to doctors, the heavy dose of paracetamol can fail the liver. This drug double loss to the drinkers’ liver.
Transmits. So it would be better that you do not make yourself a slave of Pen Killer and do not eat them without consulting the doctor.

3. Smoking

Cigarette affects the liver indirectly. The poisonous chemicals found in cigarette smoke eventually reach the liver and causes damage to the liver cells. If you want your liver to remain healthy, quit smoking habit.

4. Lack Of Sleep

According to a study, lack of sleep can lead to higher pressure on the liver. Along with the liver, it is important to take 8 hours of sleep to keep other parts of your body healthy.

5. Excess Protein Intake

Research says that excessive consumption of protein is harmful for the body. High protein intake without adequate carbohydrate can increase the problems associated with the liver, so green vegetables and starch should also be consumed with plenty of quantity of meat and eggs.

6. Obesity

Obesity is also dangerous for the liver. Increasing fat intake increases the body fat, which comes out of the storing cell and starts accumulating in the liver. By which the liver gets damaged. Not only this, due to fatty acids, the risk of heart cancer also increases, so focus on your diet and exercise. The habit of not paying attention to these two can increase your obesity and as we said, obesity is harmful for your liver.

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7. Excessive Processed food intake

Consuming more processed foods increases the risk of liver deformity, because processed foods contain plenty of preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners, which harm the liver.

8. Not Having Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal in the morning. Because when we wake up in the morning our energy is very low. If we don’t have proper breakfast, the energy levels of the body decrease and the liver has to face difficulty in doing its job. Therefore, do not skip breakfast in the morning as it is important for both your body and mind.

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