8 Glamorous Ways To Rock Glitter Eye Makeup This Valentines Day

Glitter eye makeup is the best way to add some magic to your day. Here's your step-by-step guide to rock the look.

8 Glamorous Ways To Rock Glitter Eye Makeup This Valentines Day

Stick to the eyes: Remember, this is a casual makeup. You don’t want glitter on your cheeks and lips when heading to work; it will look like you’re headed for a Christmas party.

Don’t apply glitter last: Whether you’re using a sparkle gel eyeliner or loose powder, glitter can get very messy and fall on your face or clothes. Apply the makeup after you are done with the base, but before you wear your clothes or do your hair.

Choose the right shade: You can use subtle shades like silver or gold for daily wear. If you want to experiment with colour, try deep blue or rich pink instead of bright neons. The shade of your glitter will make all the difference to your face.

Always mix with black: Use black eyeliner or pencil along with your glitter eyeliner to sober down the bright look.

Use the right tools: Use a light sponge to apply your glitter eye shadow and a fan brush to wipe off the excess colour and glitter from your eyes.

Concealer is your best friend: If you have severe dark circles or puffy eyes, stay away from glitter as it will highlight your flaws. Keep a concealer handy when applying glitter makeup.

The Cellotape Trick: Glitter may fall across your face when you are trying to remove it at night. Use a tape to remove small flecks of glitter powder from your face.

Use at the places you want to brighten: Use the glitter eyeliner over the edges for a day look. Apply the liner and shadow at the inner beginning of your eyelid and the outer, where you have your cat-eyeliner flick. This will open up your eyes.



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