8 Festive Hairstyles That Will Make Your Face Look Thinner

Worried about that double chin? Go for one these 8 hairstyles...

8 Festive Hairstyles That Will Make Your Face Look Thinner

The right hairstyle is as important as the right outfit to complement your body type. The right hairstyles can make a round and plump face look thinner and sharper. These days, the modern Indian women are all about choosing the ‘right’ ones. So, here are 8 festive hairstyles that will make you face look thinner and complement your features as well.

Side Braid

This hairstyle will give your overall look the right amount of peppiness. Keep some strands loose near your temples. The side braid will complement your neck and make your jawline look stronger.

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Side Braid And Loose Hair

To add more to this hairstyle, make slight beach-waves to the loose strands with the help of a small hair iron. Make sure you add a little bit of puff to your side braids.

Side Braid And A Bun

This hairstyle makes your neck look thinner. It goes perfectly on stand-collared neckline. Opt for a chunky stud or tear-drop shaped danglers for ears. If your top’s neckline is lower than your collar-bones, opt for a statement neckpiece.

Neat Low Bun

The modern Indian married women love this low bun or low ambada. It will complement not only your neckline but also make your collar look slender. Opt for floral hair accessories, or fresh flowers like gajra, rose, etc.

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Messy Bun

Just like neat low ambada, messy bun will do wonder and make your collar look slender. Let some front strands loose; this will give your face a thinner look.

Messy Ponytail

Messy ponytails might look simple but the right ones are works of art! Let some strands loose near your temple, straighten and slightly curl them towards the end with a hair iron. The messy ponytail will add volume to your hair, which will directly make your face and neck look thinner.

Half Updo

Half updo looks very graceful. Make sure you do not pull and clip your front hair tightly. Make small puffs on either side of the hair-partition and spray them with mild hair-setting spray. Opt for small-winged black eye-liner and deep lip colour.

Gentle Beach Waves 

If the weather calls for it, opt for this simple hairstyle. All you need are curlers, a hair-iron and comb (of course!). If your loose hair is looking flat (but not oily), go for mild beach-waves and ruffle them so that they achieve amazing wavy texture. By backcombing, add some volume to your hair near your scalp. Wear very-visible slender but long earrings.

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