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8 Fabulous Ways To Style The Classic White Shirt

A classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple for fashionistas across the globe. What makes the white shirt such a classic is its versatility, and the number of ways it can be worn. Here are 8 ways to style that white shirt.

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  • Style 1

Brocades are hot right now. Add to this a white shirt, and you will score big on the style meter.

  • Style 2

On a regular work day, consider pairing your white shirt with trousers in varying hues.

  • Style 3

When it is about going shopping in the summer days, nothing beats the comfort of a pair of shorts paired with a white shirt.

  • Style 4

Boyfriend jeans and a white shirt can make for a great Friday workday combine.

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  • Style 5

A midi skirt or a thigh high slit long skirt, a white shirt can be a strong addition to both.

  • Style 6

Well, don’t we all already know what a classic combination a denim and white shirt is?

  • Style 7


Pair a white shirt with culottes for a stylish look.

  • Style 8

And if it is a hot summer day, and you have that long white shirt in your closet, consider wearing it like a shirt dress cinching the waist with a belt.

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