8 Crazy Beauty Trends of 2018

8 Crazy Beauty Trends of 2018

If you thought 2018 was all about the brows, think again! From bold eye make-up to interesting lip art patterns and weird skin care regimes, we’ve seen it all. Be it inspired from a movie premiere or the Royal Wedding or just someone’s wacky creativity, there were some pretty artistic beauty trends around. Let’s take a look at some of the wildest, quirkiest and most stunning beauty trends of last year. We’ve not listed them all but here are some of the most quirky ones.

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Flower Eyeliner


Dragonfly Winged Lips

The Stormi Nail Trend


Corkscrew Nails

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Fishtail Brows


Watercolor Hair


Fishscale Hair


Body Lava by Rihanna’s FentyBeauty


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