8 Bad Habits That’s Ruining Your Beauty

8 Bad Habits That’s Ruining Your Beauty

There is a big difference between looking beautiful and maintaining that beauty. By applying makeup you can enhance your beauty, but with wrong makeup habits you can also end up looking non-attractive. Let’s tell you some such bad beauty habits, which you should avoid to look beautiful.

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1. Not removing makeup

Removing the makeup the night before sleeping is very important. If you are too lazy enough to remove makeup, then your skin will have to pay the price for it. The makeup goes through the skin through pneumothorax, which can cause problems like darkness and acne under the eyes. So make sure to clean the face before sleeping and moisturize it.

2.Touching your face

Some girls have the habit of touching their face again and again. They do not know how many bacteria are present in our hands. Bacteria, dust, oil and sweat stuck in your hands, you unknowingly transmits your face and then starts skin problems. By stopping this habit, you can put an end to many skin problems.

3. Bursting the acne

Sometimes we can’t control the urge to pop a pimple. But breaking the acne can only add to your skin problems. In fact, by doing so, the bacteria present in it goes inside the skin and causes scars on the face. You can get rid of them quickly by applying a toothpaste on the scars before going to bed.

4.Using the old makeup brush

Often, brushes are the least cared makeup item on our list. Using these makeup brushes continuously, the layer of makeup often gets accumulated in the brush, thereby giving a chance to bacteria and fungus to flourish. Using such brushes may cause infections or dermatitis. Apart from this, you cannot achieve a flawless finish on makeup by using these dirty brushes, nor does the skin stay healthy. So, once in a week, make sure you clean your makeup brush.

5.Not using sunscreen lotion

Even today, most girls do not apply sunscreen lotions while leaving the house, which is wrong. By ignoring sunscreen lotions daily, you invite dark lines and wrinkles, which is not good for your skin at all. Before leaving the house every day, be sure to have good SPF sunscreen lotions. You can also use a moisturizer that contains SPF.

6.Washing face with soap

Most of us repeatedly make this mistake of washing our face with a soap. Washing face with soap regularly destroys the protective layer of the skin, causing problems such as sunburn, dry skin or ageing. Choose a cleanser according to your skin type and do not wash more than twice a day.

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Exfoliation removes dead cells from your skin and makes it soft-smoothed and healthy, but too much scrubbing is not good either. It can make your skin over-sensitive and radish skin as well as causes small whiteheads. So, exfoliate it 1 or 2 times a week for healthy and a glowing skin.

8. Ironing or styling hair

Nowadays, many hair styling products are available in the market, with the help of which you can give your hair a very attractive and stylish look. But it is good when you are attending a function or party at times, but if you do hot hair or iron on your hair every other day, then it will start becoming rough and rigid. Therefore, use them according to the need and occasion.

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