7 Ways To Tackle Pet Allergy

7 Ways To Tackle Pet Allergy

Your pet has been a major part of your life right from it’s first paw-step in your home. But what when you suddenly realise that you have developed an allergy of your very own beloved pet? Fret not, people. Here are 7 really effective things you can do to lessen the effects of the allergy, if not able to get rid of it completely.

Good Air Conditioning

Pet Allergy

Good air ventilation is very important. Stale and congested air in a room has higher chances of holding diseases-causing and allergy-causing bacteria in it. Hence, open the windows and let the stale air out and the fresh air in. You can even plant some small potted plants near your balcony door. Also, install a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) in your air-conditioner machine to help eliminate air-borne allergens.

Remove Unnecessary Fabric

Unnecessary Fabric

Remove fabrics from your home decor that are not really necessary – carpets, layered curtains, sofa drapes, fabric partitions, etc. Fabrics, if not washed and cleaned time-to-time, contains a lot of disease-causing and allergy-causing micro-organisms. Therefore, remove them and keep them aside. In case of the festive season, if you feel like going extravagant with the decorations, make sure you daily run a vacuum cleaner on the furniture.

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Avoid Sharing Bed With Your Pet


It does sound heart-wrenching, but yes, if you are a pet-allergic you must stop sharing your bed with your pets right away. It is said that during sleep, we tend to breathe deeply, which means having pets in the same bed as you will increase the chances of making your even sicker. You can make a more comfortable bed for your pet just outside your room or, if you both cannot stay apart, in your own room.

Bathe And Groom Your Pet Regularly

Dog Bath

No matter how drama your pet does to not get bathed, make it a point to give them a bath at least once every week. It is said that bathing them regularly can reduce the chances of you getting allergies by more than 50 per cent. Also, every now and then, make it a point to get them groomed and get their fur trimmed.

Keep Your Pet’s Bed Clean

Pet's Bed Clean

Your pet’s/pets’ bed must be washed and clean every now and then. Go for minimal bedding – thin mattress/cushion, minimal fabrics, etc. Sprinkle antibacterial powder on the bed every now and then.

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Have Pet-Free Zones

Pet-Free Zones

Always keep a pet-zone in your home – it can be a mere part of a large room or a different room altogether. Do this by installing detachable room fences that are tall enough for the dogs to not jump over them. This pet-free zone is very much important for the time when you are recovering from allergy, and this will also help your pets understand that they are not allowed across the fencing.

Regular Allergy-Tests And Medications

Pets Allergy-Tests

Sometimes, some problems are only in your head. You may have developed a severe dust allergy in reality but you fear it might be pet-allergy. Determine before you fall for any conclusions. If you do have developed pet-allergy, you must consult a doctor and go for immunotherapy route – allergy shots. This will not only make you immune to pet allergy but also to various other allergies.

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