7 Vaastu Tips To Attract Positive Energy To Your Room

New Woman shares the most important 7 commandments which may help you to increase positive energy in your place.

7 Vaastu Tips To Attract Positive Energy To Your Room

The main entrance is the mouth of a house which brings in main energy, so Vaastu experts put a lot of importance on what should be placed on the entrance of the house to bring in positive energy. New Woman shares 7 valuable Vaastu tips that will help you in this regard.

1. Place a small lamp or flower vase in the centre of your hallway as these objects welcome positive energy to your home.

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2. Place a convex mirror on the outer wall of the entrance facing outwards for protection from negative energy. But Mirror at the Main entrance is strictly prohibited. The reason is, that mirror facing the main door pushes away all the good energy which is about to enter the house.

3. Buddha at the Main Entrance: Buddha facing the front door is considered to keep the negative energies out of the home. Buddha has the power to nullify the negative impacts at the house. Buddha statue should not be kept on the floor; it should be respected and kept in the raised platform or on the table. Buddha should be kept clean and tidy and should be respected based on the religious principles as we respect our God. To enhance its vibrancy, Buddha statue can be kept towards East facing sunrise, if possible. Sleeping Buddha or reclining Buddha depicts the transition from the suffering to the enlightenment of life which characterise the cycle of rebirth and has to face West direction because Buddha lay to face death/nirvana’ and reclining towards the right, facing west with head supported by his hand.

4. Ganesha at the Main Entrance: Those who wish to place Ganesha picture at the main entrance door should always place them back to back to ward-off poverty (‘Daridrataa’).

5. Water with Flowers: Water denotes wealth and so water element should flow inwards as it depicts that wealth also flows towards you. A bowl filled with water, flowers or lemon kept facing the main door is considered auspicious. Make sure to change the water regularly.  

6. Bowl filled with Sea Salts: Salt is considered a symbol of purification. It is also a popular mineral used to cleanse and purify homes filled with negative energy. Sea salt is commonly used to get rid of negative energy and to allow the balanced flow of energy inside the home. The sea salt is either used alone or mixed with water and placed in certain areas of the home. A bowl filled with sea salt facing the North-East and South-West directions in an open and has to be periodically changed. Epsom salt is a salt that cleanses them and the environment. It is the best way to get rid of stressful feelings and negative energy from home. Rock salt is an easily available salt. A bowl half-filled with rock salt and water and can be kept in the hall.  Whenever a lot of granules of salt appear to build on the edges of the bowl, it denotes the presence of negative energy at home.  

7. Some other articles for a welcoming Hallway are: 

  • Placing Dog statues facing outside can guard your entrance from evil eyes, spirits and also preserve your prosperity.
  • Hindus should never place ‘Devi Maha Laxmi’ idol/statue/picture facing outwards as it is considered outflow of wealth from home.
  • Always show ‘Agarbathis’ and ‘Dhoop’ sticks on the corners of the entrance to remove and eliminate negativity stuck on the corners.

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