7 Top Tips For Every Couple Travelling Together For The First Time

Are you backpacking with your beau anytime soon? We tell you everything you need to know to stay equipped on your trips.

7 Top Tips For Every Couple Travelling Together For The First Time

Travelling Tips For Couples

Double sleeping bag: There is no place in the world where you would rather be than in the arms of your sweetheart. Cuddling in a double sleeping bag under a sky full of stars can be one of the most romantic moments of your trip. You can also opt for sleeping bags that can be zipped together. They offer a similar experience and the advantage is that neither one of you is burdened with extra weight.

Camera and selfie stick: Because you definitely want to freeze your beautiful moments in time, to probably tell your children and grandchildren about your adventures. Plan a day for a photo shoot at one of your favourite locations from the trip. Carry a beautiful pair to get clicked in on that day.

Offline maps: It is advised that you carry maps to avoid getting lost. Google Maps now allows you to download and save maps on your smartphones for offline viewing. This can save you the cost of an additional internet pack.

Deodorant and old wipes: Now this one is self-explanatory. A couple of hours on a trail and you will likely be afflicted with malodour. Depending on your location, a quick swim in the lake might be a good idea. If not, wet wipes and deodorant are a great way to freshen up quickly before you share a tent.

First aid and medicine kit: No backpacking gear is complete without a small first aid and medical kit. Although they are quite standard, you could consult a General Physician for specific medicines that you might need, especially if you are prone to allergies. The destination of your trip might also influence the medicines you will need.

Protein bars: Backpacking trails and hikes are often enervating experiences. Protein bars come in handy, not only as energy boosters but also as quick snacks. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) can be very handy in preventing dehydration.

Mosquito repellants: Whether you’re staying in a quirky hostel or camping near a lake, you can expect these tiny bloodsucking monsters everywhere. For a sound sleep, it is important that you carry mosquito repellents. Even if you don’t end up using it, carrying

7 Top Tips For Every Couple Travelling Together For The First Time


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