7 Tips To Prevent Cold And Flu This Winter

7 Tips To Prevent Cold And Flu This Winter

Roaming around with a stuffy nose, a handful of tissues and a weak body is not exactly appealing. Catching a cold, in general, is bad, but it’s worst when you get sick in the winters. Here are 7 tips on how you can prevent catching a cold or flu this winter season.

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Stop Nail Biting

Tips To Prevent Cold And Flu

Studies around the world have shown that biting your nails is a great way to transfer germs on your hands that you’ve picked up from touching anything and everything directly to your mouth. Always placing your fingers around your mouth and nose area will also end up making you sick and cause infectious germs to enter your body.

Fist Bumps

Tips To Prevent Cold And Flu

The next time someone approaches you with palm outstretched, try a fist bump or air kiss instead. It may seem odd but it’s for your safety. Shaking hands may be a social expectation, but it is also an excellent means of transferring germs from one person to another. While on the other a fist bump is easy, doesn’t require a hand wash. If you just can’t avoid the handshake, remember to keep your hands away from your face till you don’t sanitize them thoroughly.

Take a Walk


Taking a walk actually helps your body regulate its functions based on how much energy you have. Having regular brisk walks at least for 30 minutes every day helps your body stay in shape and pumps enough blood. It also boosts your immune system helping to fight against cold and flu bacteria.

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Stay Hydrated

Tips To Prevent Cold

The common advice for treating colds is to drink fluids to “flush out” germs. Drinking water anyways is considered a good thing since it promotes your body functions. Eight glasses of water a day is expected to drink more in the winters. Your body might not seem to want the water but drink it nonetheless. It’ll keep your body active and energetic thus keeping the germs and bacteria at bay.

Eat Garlic


Garlic is said to keep off vampires, but it can help keep cold and cases of flu at bay too! In a recent study, it was found that eating garlic in any way in your diets helps your body fight against viruses and bacteria. It promotes white blood cells and boosts your immunity up to 10xtimes.

 Irrigate your nose


Although many don’t like this process, it’s a good way to keep the nasal passages clear. Irrigating your nose helps prevent any bacteria from staying too long. The idea is to wash out your nasal passages with saline water to thin mucus and help the fine hairs in your nose more effectively wash bacteria out. It must be done properly to prevent infection and with the boiled water.


quality sleep

Getting less than seven to nine hours of sleep daily can make your body more vulnerable to illness. Insufficient quality sleep can increase susceptibility to infection, Not getting enough sleep means your body cannot create as many immune cells and proteins to fight against bacteria, germs, and viruses.

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