7 Things To Say To Your Partner To Make His Heart Melt

7 Things To Say To Your Partner To Make His Heart Melt

It’s sometimes difficult to find out what your partner find romantic and what he doesn’t. Men, they take pride in being macho and tough, so when it comes to romance, they aren’t that vocal about it as women are. They say sweet thing to you to make you happy! But did you know, they too at times secretly appreciate when you show them love and affection? Well, this is 100% true and the only reason he may not openly tell this because he wants to be the tough guy on the outside rather than a die-hard romantic!

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So here are 7 things that you must say to you man which will definitely make his heart melt!

1. “I Love You”

This is one classic line that can never go wrong. Say it more often than you do and he’ll definitely like it.

2. “You Complete Me”

You know that it is said that opposites attract! So you can reward him with this one line which will make him realize that you are appreciative of him and you need him by your side to make you feel complete.

3. “I Feel So Safe When I Am With You”

This one is an ego-booster for most men because it makes them feel like they are capable of protecting you, which is a trait of an alpha male! They feel like you trust them completely with taking care of you and your needs.

4.  “You Are So Thought Full”

It’s not common for men to remember dates or plan out surprises! So when he remembers and does little things for you, he’ll appreciate if you say this to him. It will prove to him that his efforts aren’t going unnoticed by you.

5. “I Love Your Sense Of Humor”

This can be a huge compliment for your man because a man with a good sense of humor is always a hot favorite among ladies. You’ll be surprised to know how men crave to hear this from a woman.

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6. “Let’s Do This More Often”

If you have enjoyed a date, a combined activity, or a trip, or even something he tried in bed, you can always tell him that you want to do it more often! He will be overjoyed to here this coming from you.

7. “I Will Never Forget When We…”

Who doesn’t love when someone appreciates something you have done in the past. Once in a while, you must remind him about the good he does for you and show him that you are grateful to have him. Trust us, it is romantic!

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