7 Things To Keep In Mind While Packing For A Beach Holiday

Everyone needs a dose of the 'Vitamin Sea', but do you know there are certain things to remember while travelling to a beach destination?

7 Things To Keep In Mind While Packing For A Beach Holiday




Salt in the air and sand in your hair. Yes, this is what it feels like to be at a beach destination. Everyone needs a dose of the ‘Vitamin Sea’, but do you know there are certain things to remember while travelling to a beach destination? Ixigo.com has compiled some cues to avoid a vacation disaster on your next trip.

Pick the right accommodation
There are certain things to keep in mind before you head to a beach destination. For example, do some research and pick the right beach, choose the right time to avoid the rainy seasons or the scorching summers. Pick the right accommodation as it should be within the walking distance from the beach. These things will make sure you enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Pack the right things
For a stress-free beach holiday, you must carry all the right essentials. For example, tanning is inevitable when you are at a beach, but you can control it by using a good sunscreen. Carry towels, and more towels, to keep yourself dry. Pack some cozy flip flops for a comfortable walk on the beach side. And yes, don’t forget to carry some stylish hats, scarfs, and sunglasses for that oomph feel on the beach.

Carry first aid box
Being on the beach is really fun, but emergencies can arise anywhere. So bring along a first aid box to stay ahead of the game. Be it the bruises, cuts or scrapes, nothing should stop you from having fun.

Carry zip-lock bags
Are you worried about your electronic devices or cash getting wet every time you go to the beach? Don’t worry since ziplock plastic bags are here for your rescue! Carry your valuables inside a zip-lock bag and it won’t get soaked or even sandy again.

Brings something to munch on
While you are at a beach, it is better to carry your own food. This will save you money and you can even have a small picnic by the sea shore. So, now you know what to do when you feel those hunger pangs? Well, don’t stay hungry! Keep on munching from the snack box.

Take some activity along with you
One can do innumerous activities on a beach, from surfing to scuba-diving to swimming. But always carry some fun things with you to make your trip even better, like a frisbee or a volleyball. Don’t forget to build a sandcastle or collect some beautiful seashells, or read your favorite book with a view of the sea for a memorable experience. These were some hints for you to remember as you plan your dream beach vacation. Hold on, there is something more in store for you! We understand a beach is a place where one can relax and fall asleep, but try not to, as your valuables can be at risk. Be alert! Remember precaution is better than anything else in the world, so don’t swim out too far and stay safe!

Control your alcohol intake at the beach. Although it’s a huge treat to drink a beer along the sea shore, but mind you, it can easily sap you out of your hydration levels. Sip on some fresh juice instead.

A very important thing to carry with you to the beach is a whistle, if you have kids along with you. Teach them the rule of the whistle sound to locate them safely. It is really a great way to keep track of the naughty little souls. Carry a pocket diary along with you to the beach.

The sceneries can really inspire the artist in you. So sketch, doodle, or write something for you to remember for the nostalgic kick once you are back from the trip.

Carry some extra clothes in a beach bag
One of the most important things to remember while travelling to a beach destination is that you should carry some extra clothes to the beach. At the end of the day, you really don’t want to stay in those wet clothes, right? Change in a public restroom and keep your wet clothes in a beach bag to avoid any unnecessary hassle.


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