7 Stunning Blouse Neck Designs To Try

Stand out from the crowd!

7 Stunning Blouse Neck Designs To Try



A large part of your saree look lies in the blouse pattern you choose. Even if you are wearing a gorgeous saree but have not paired it with the right blouse you could end up looking horribly shabby. The same way, if you are wearing a simple saree but have paired it with the right blouse, you can easily stand out in the crowd. The neck pattern of the blouse could accentuate your whole look. It could easily either make or break your entire ensemble. So here we are showing you different kinds of blouse neck designs to make you look exceptionally stunning at the next social event.

  • Round Neck Blouse

round neck

A rounded neck is the most basic blouse neck design. It is perfect for daily wear sarees and has no hustle. These kinds of blouses date all the way back to all our favourite yesteryear’s movie actresses. They continue to be in style. These suit all body types and are an ideal choice for a simple or embroidered saree.

  • Square Neck Blouse

This neckline is highly popular and works well on women with a thin or lean frame. They go with any kind of saree and give a very sophisticated look to your look. But you must be very careful when opting for square necks because if the tailoring is wrong it looks very clustered around the bust area. Hence if you are heavy chested or flat chested, square necks are a risky choice.

  • High Neck Blouse



These kind of blouses are a blend of the Chinese collar blouses and close neck blouses. A high neck blouse will give you an edge if you are going in for a simple saree. If you have well-toned collar bones or an elongate neck, this blouse neck is the perfect fit for you. Add some mirror work or contrast colour piping around the borders of your blouse and you will surely turn heads.

  • Chinese Collar Blouse

high neck

Inspired from the classic mandarin blouse neck, the Chinese collar is a hit trend this season. They go very well with a halter back blouse and an embroidered cotton saree. This kind of necks gives a high-end sophisticated look with minimal tailoring.

  • Princess Neck Blouse


This is one of the most versatile blouse neck designs. It highlights your shoulders and neck and gives a stylish and classy look. It pairs very well with a backless blouse and an embroidered saree. But again this blouse type is a big no-no for heavy chested women. This blouse neck if not fitted extremely well can look shabby around the chest area.

  • Sweetheart Neck Blouse

princess neck

A complete classic blouse neck design. A sweetheart neckline will allow you to flaunt your cleavage and give you a curvier look. The neckline highlights your bosom. It looks admirable with a simple sheer saree. It’s the ideal choice for women with an hourglass shaped body or a heavy bust. You can try different drapes over this blouse or even a long fish cut lehenga and a sheer dupatta. But if you do not favor exposure steer away from this blouse neck.

  • Halter Neck Blouse


This is one of our absolute favourites, the halter neck is totally a rage right now. They give an indo-western appearance to your saree and highlight your back. You could use fabrics like chiffon or georgette to tailor these types of blouses. Halter neck blouses permit you to manage how much skin you want to show. These kind of blouses are ideal for an evening party or get-together.


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