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7 Simple Exercises For An Effective Weight-Loss

We all are trying our best to juggle time for exercises to reduce that extra flab and/or that extra weight that is pretty difficult to carry around. With coming festive seasons one is bound to gain weight on eating festive delicacies that are very much unavoidable. Here are some 5 very simple but effective exercises which will not only guarantee a consistent loss in weight but also will give you a great boost of stamina.


Zumba is a curious combination of various dance forms. It can be considered as one of the stress-busting exercises with a twist of fun. Opt for it when you want to try your dancer-side with exercises and you are, with guarantee, burn fat, tone your limb and core muscles and have that quick bounce wherever you go!

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Jogging has been, is, and will remain one of the most soothing exercises. Put on your running shoes and hop on the jogging track and start trotting at your own comfortable pace. With a boosting music on low volume, you are good to go!

Skipping Rope

One of the best memories of childhood can be brought back by adding skipping rope in your workout routine. Make sure you practise this rep-wise and catch your breath in between reps. Do not forget to breathe properly while practising. This exercise works for your whole body.


The best exercise to relax your skeletal-muscles, swimming is also really good to tone your stomach. It works best for your thighs, calves, knees, shoulder, back and spine. It gives an amazing boost to your stamina. Swimming helps one keep mentally calm because while doing the activity you tend to concentrate on your breathing. It is also said to regularise digestion and other internal functions.

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You must have raced down the streets along with your siblings and friends. The rush cycling gives is good for your mental health. Cycling gives an amazing exercise to your thigh, calf and hip muscles. The extra paunch you want to get rid off will also gets toned down by cycling regularly. Set your schedule and route for cycling.


By doing crunches you are doing a great job for your tummy, hips and core. It not only helps these areas of your body to reduce but also helps them to tone and makes them flexible. This is, in fact, a directly a boost of stamina and you will feel light and active like never before!

Right Breathing

Last but not the least at all, breathing right is the most crucial activity. If you do not breathe right, your all efforts put in workout, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle will go kaput. Breathing right will help your blood to carry right amount of oxygen to all the parts of your body and this very simple but crucial process is the key for a healthy and fit physical as well as mental health.

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