7 Sexy Places To Touch Your Guy That’ll Totally Turn Him On

Just like women, men too have pleasure points and it’ll make them go cray if you happen to touch then during sex. Well, if you want to give your man the best experience in bedroom, then sure its easy if you know these pleasure points. So, instead of limiting yourself this time, explore his body and find which touch of yours turns him on the most. Here are 7 common spots you can touch him while having sex.

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1. Nibble his ears


The ear is the most underrated area when it comes to arousing your man. Give him a slight nibble on is ears and he sure is going to return you the favour.

2. Kiss his neck

Like women, even a man’s neck tends to be sensitive. While this might not be applicable to all men but what’s the harm in giving it a try. Kissing his neck will cause sudden shivers and will surely turn him on.

3. Around his inner thighs

Explore the area around it with a gentle touch here and there of his inner thigh. It’s definitely something different and he will just love it!

4. His face


Every man loves a women touch on his face. Instead of touching his face with your hands, do it with your lips this time. Kiss him all over his face apart from his lips. This will instantly turn him on and he’ll want you more than anything else.

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5. Shaft of his penis

Stating this is obvious as men love it when you touch the shaft of their private part. don’t confuse this with a handjob as this only includes gently running your fingers from the tip of his penis to down below and to watch him moan.

6. His Nipples

His nipples are sensitive too just like yours. He really like it when you play with it or gently stroke it. Use your tongue to gently suck them and he’ll surely love it. But make sure to go super slow!

7. Touch of hand


Well holding his hand may not seem like much, but trust us this will not only bring him closer to you but also raise the temperature between the sheets! Hold his hand firmly and hold them tight so he knows you want nothing more that him.

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