7 Quick Hairstyles To Choose From This Karva Chauth

1 event but 7 hairstyles to choose from. Read on to find yours...

7 Quick Hairstyles To Choose From This Karva Chauth

It’s a no-brainer that every newly married or to-be-married Indian woman would want to flaunt her best traditional look this Karva Chauth? While going traditional is a given, keeping it contemporary features high on the list of most young brides / would-be-brides. Here are 7 fashionable and quick, modern hairstyles that you can flaunt this Karva Chauth.

Loose Ambada – Mid Partition

Ambada with a mid-partition is probably among the most common Indian hairstyles that anyone can easily pull-off with on any traditional outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you are donning a lehenga, saree or kurta-pyjama. The best bit: this hairstyle is easy and absolutely hassle-free. You can pin an artificial flower hairpin/hair clip on one side of the bun.

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Fish Tail Braids

Fish-Tail braids are very popular with millennials! The longer the hair, the better the fish-tail braid will look. A plus point of this hairstyle is that you can style even heavily step-cut hair in a braid! This hairstyle is super stylish and allows your earrings grab attention too!

Half Up–Half Down

The best on-the-go hairstyle is half up-half down one. You can do so much with this hairstyle – you can let some strands loose or can hold all the front hair in a lightly puffed style with an ornate clip at the back of your head. If you to want go for a sexy look with this hairstyle- leave the strands at your temple loose and flatten curls, if any, with a small hair-iron.

Loose Hair–Mid Partition

If the weather calls for it, opt for this simple hairstyle. All you need are curlers, a hair-iron and comb (of course!). Make sure you don’t leave any curls. If your loose hair is looking flat (but not oily), go for mild beach-waves and ruffle them so that they achieve amazing wavy texture. Along with a mid-partition, a maang tikka will complement your overall traditional look in the best way!

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Loose Hair–Side Braids

Side braids and loose hair qualify as one of the bubbliest traditional hairstyles. This hairstyle complements long kurtas, cotton sarees and traditional crop tops and skirts. Make sure you completely de-tangle and un-frizz your hair before making the side braids. You can go for soft beach-waves for your loose strands or can flatten them straight (and NOT pin-straight!).

Low Bun

A low-bun, when done neatly, will give you an utterly dapper and no-nonsense look. It goes best on heavy traditional sarees and lehengas. You can don it with other traditional outfits too, ‘coz this one NEVER disappoints. Line your bun with a single gajra (or how much ever gajra you like). Go for a heavy set of jewellery. Even chunky gold or diamond studs will look amazing.

Bun and Side Braids

If you want a fresh and hassle-free look, you must definitely opt for side braids and bun hairstyle! They give you an absolutely fresh, fun, young but no-nonsense look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you literally do not need to keep checking in the mirror (unless, of course, few strands have been accidentally pulled out). This hairstyle looks perfect on a high-neck or collar-neck blouse and kurta.

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