7 Men Share Fantasies They Want Their Woman To Fulfill

#7 is like every woman's dream!

7 Men Share Fantasies They Want Their Woman To Fulfill

Whether you admit or not, everybody has sexual fantasies. These fantasies can take vanilla sex to a spicy affair. And especially men – their imaginations are basically an X-rated movie that makes anything possible. Women have been dealing with this mystery for quite some time. But we have found a peephole. Real men share their strongest sexual fantasies on Reddit anonymously. Take a look at their responses, and keep them on file for a night you would like to surprise your man.



1) With a girl from a different culture

“You know, I’ve always thought about being in a foreign country and meeting a girl that didn’t speak a bit of English, and vice versa, but we hit it off. It’s always been a fantasy.”

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2) Under the stars

“Lay down some blankets under the stars on a hot summer night, and just go to town on each other. I already enjoy semi-exhibitionist sexual activities, and this is just a step up from my normal routine”

3) The Seductress

“After lunch I would go back to work while she continued to send pictures and leave voicemails. Once I get home from work I have to find her because she has hid somewhere in my house. Once I found her I would take her on a rough but loving trip to pound town.”

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4) Girl in Charge

“I personally love it when the girl is in charge. None of that weird gimp shit, I just like a girl who isn’t afraid to hold you down and basically use you to get herself off. Sooooo hot.”

5) All-night Long

“Mine is the literal all night long love making session where you don’t leave the bedroom and drink wine all night with passionate boning mixed in – preferably looking out over the ocean.”

6) (Un)Dressing for Sex

“My latest one: my wife wearing nothing but stockings and high heels, on her knees, blowing me while using a vibrator on herself.”

7) Make her Orgasm

“She’s in front of me with our bodies pressed together and my hands roam all over her body while I kiss her neck, nibble her ears, etc., then I undress her slowly until she’s just in her panties, which stay on while I finger her, ideally to orgasm.”

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