7 Make-up Mistakes That Can Make You Look Old

7 Make-up Mistakes That Can Make You Look Old

You too always remain like roses … Your husbands also keep on feeling proud … Your discussions may also be discussed, in your heart, you mention your nur in every heart … you do not want this, then why do you suffer excessively Doing wrong make-up, which shows you old and dull instead of giving you a young look. Perhaps you would not even know about your makeup mistakes, which show you more than your age. So recognize today and recognize your young, beautiful, perfect look by correcting your mistake.

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1. Using a foundation not matching your skintone:

Every woman tend to make this mistake. In a desire to look more bright or white, she chooses the foundation of the wrong shade, from which it seems that she is wearing a mask or laying a layer. In the same way if you select a lot of dark shade, then he will also show the skin and will give you the old look.

2. Applying a very dark lipstick shade:

As the aging progresses, changes in the shape of lip comes. In such a way, the dark shade shows them even more dull and less. Try shoveling moles or pink shades to show Lips in full and shape, as well as glues. Many women think that their age is not the age for applying the gloss, while the slightest shine can give you youthfulness Plumpness.

3. Applying the wrong shade of blush:

Most women make this mistake. They either choose a shade of brown color, which looks hot and dull, or chooses a very soft color, which shows the face aging.

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4. Applying a lot of concealers under the eye:

Using excessive congestion to hide dark circles, fine lines around the eyes are more visible because the skin here is thin.

5. Applying the black eyeliner:

Apply the eyeliner, because it gives your eyes a bright look, but it would be better to put a brown eyeliner instead of black, because Black will give you Harsh and the old look.

6. Applying mascara on the lower eyelashes:

By wearing a musk on lower lid, your eyes will get a drippy look. It would be better to ignore it.
Tip: Apply volumizing Mascara Root to tip over upper overlays for tip effect.

7. Applying a heavy dark lipliner:

Using a very dark and very thick liner from lip color will give you a look-around look. If your lips are very dry, dry pans

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