7 Homemade Makeup Remover That Is Best For Your Skin

7 Homemade Makeup Remover That Is Best For Your Skin


After coming from office, party, function, we get so exhausted that we rush to get to bed and sleep. As much as it is necessary to change your outfit, it is equally important to remove your makeup. Using homemade makeup removal can give your skin a natural glow. Here is a list of homemade makeup remover that will make the process much easier and it’s healthy too.

1. Jojoba and vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E which rich in the properties of antioxidant helps in making the skin soft. Put 60ml Jojoba oil and a vitamin E capsule in a glass bottle and use it whenever you need it. With this you can easily remove waterproof mascara, liquid eye liner, that too without much effort.

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2. Almond oil and raw milk:

Raw milk is known to be very good for skin. Mix a few drops of almond oil into a tbsp spoon raw milk and put it on the face. Massage on your skin with gentle hands. This will definitely remove all that stubborn makeup.

3. Baby shampoo:

Yes, you heard it right! Baby shampoo is a great make-up remover. Mix eight teaspoons olive oil/coconut oil and half teaspoon baby shampoo in one cup of water. Fill it in a bottle and use it as per your need.

4. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has a magical effect on your face. You can use it as a moisturizer, lip balm and a makeup remover as well. Take a little coconut oil on the palm and massage with gentle hands on your face. Clean it with tissue paper and wash your face.

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5. Cucumber:

Apart from having a soothing effect on your eyes, cucumbers can also be used a makeup remover. First, grind the cucumber into a mixer and make a thin paste. Now massage by putting it directly on the face. Along with removing the makeup, it also softens the skin. It is also good at removing the scars.

6. Yoghurt:

Yoghurt is generally used to bring that special glow to your face. But people rarely know that it can also be used to remove your makeup. Yes, yoghurt is a great make-up remover. Start by taking the yoghurt in a bowl. Then dip a cotton ball in it and rub on your face using your hands. Wash the face with water after the makeup is completely removed.

7. Olive oil:

Olive oil is very beneficial for the skin. It makes your skin look fresh and bright. You can also use it to remove your makeup. For this add half a teaspoon of water in two tbsp oil. Apply it to the face and massage it gradually. It not only removes the makeup but also moisturizes the skin.

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