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7 Frames To Rock That Nerdy Look

Gone are the days when spectacles were considered uncool and a subject to tease someone. Once you have to wear them to better your eye-sight, you have them for lifetime. And why not, when they have become utterly fashionable, cool and a style statement! Since decades, many designers have helped us accessorise our look with glass-frames that hike your look fashionably and gave you a style-statement of your own. The trends come and go. But here are seven frames that will never go out of style. Opt any one or two (or more, if you like) out of them to rock that nerdy look.

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The frame that guarantees slick and stylish look to your over-all personality is the cat-eye style frame. Cat-eye frames have been tried on and loved by so many women all across the world! Known to be one of the most feminine glass-frames, cat-eye frames are here to stay forever in the fashion industry. The best thing about cat-eyed frames? They compliment winged eye-liners the best!


They will help a broad face look slimmer. Horned frames will add the much needed sharpness to your look and compliment big eyes. They go on literally all types of outfits – it will compliment your fun summer dress as well as your no-nonsense formal attire.


With rectangular frames came a revolution in the frame fashion. This pair instantly gives one a matured look. Rectangular pairs go one sarees and formals so well… it may give one a ‘teacher-look’… and why not! It will give a totally no-nonsense look.


Rimless frames give a clean and elite look to your face. They go on formals so well! They may not like but they are very humble frames since they give the right amount of glint to your look but not grab attention away from the nice suit or crisp formal blouse you are wearing.

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Round Rimmed

Probably the oldest glass-frames, round rimmed glasses had been underground until Mahatma Gandhi and, later, Harry Potter made them famous all over again! One of the coolest frames, they do magic on all the traditional outfits. It can be safe to say that these frames are the only ones that can give you a vintage as well as funky look at the same time!

Square Rimmed

Square rimmed glasses have been a fashion-revolution amongst students across the globe! They give a full coverage to your eyes and will not over-shadow your eye make-up even the slightest. Wear them on a pair of blue jeans or PJs and a tee when you want to sip on that steaming cuppa coffee, and snuggle with a book. Because why not read in style!

Basic Black

The black frames are basic but have been ruling the fashion industry since many decades! They are simple but are uh-so-sexy and sharp! They are one of your best companies at your work, in the coffee shop where you either want to simply sip on a steaming cuppa or get engrossed in a book, or at your casual social gatherings where you cannot do without your glasses.

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