7 Foods You Love That Are Keeping You Awake

7 Foods You Love That Are Keeping You Awake

Always feeling sleepy during the day? Maybe it’s time to bring some changes in your diet. Just how what you eat can make you strong and energetic, there are other foods that are messing with your sleeping patterns. They tend to keep you awake for no reason. All these healthy food groups could actually be making you drowsier than you know. Below are 7 foods that are giving you the Z’s.

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  • Peanut butter

Peanut butter

Stuffed with proteins, nut butter is heavy and make you drowsy. Stick to one spoon a day to sleep better at night. And try not to binge eat right before bed.

  • Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Burger

Anything fried is automatically bad for sleep. Since all that processing and oily food takes longer to digest. They tend to give you heartburn and keep you rolling in discomfort all night. Switch to grilled or baked versions of meats and don’t sleep till an hour after food.

  • Peppermints


Minty chewing gums, candies and peppermints are all stimulants. They only give the illusion of wakefulness but are actually useless (other than taste).

  • Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce

Filled with sodium, soy sauce is horrible for choice if you want to catch up on your sleep. The high salt content makes your mouth feel dry like the desert. This then makes you get up in the middle of the night to quench your thirst ruining your sleep patterns.

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  • Alcohol


We all know the effects of too much alcohol on our bodies. From hangovers to vomit sessions and splitting headaches. But many people tend to drink a nightcap or a down a bottle of wine before bed. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol or wine doesn’t let you sleep deeply at all.

  • Coffee


Surprise! Coffee is actually only a delay button to the inevitable sleep. You drink coffee to stay awake but without the hit of sugars, your body starts shutting down faster than usual. It is only a temporary stimulant and provides alertness. So you need to actually stop after drinking more than a cup of coffee for better sleep.

  • Energy drinks

Energy drinks

If you think drinking energy drinks is going to keep you awake, think again! All those added sugars give a rise to your blood sugars. And only boost your energy for a short period of time before they start draining you.

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