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7 Ethnic Shawls To Choose From

Since ages, India has been a major hub for the handloom textile industry. We have such a huge variety of the types of fabric weaved all across the country. Out of the many types, our variety woolen shawl is one of the most exported textiles in the whole world. And why not, they are so variant, from bold-hued to subtle coloured, from light-weight to heavy ones, from intricately embroidered to the plain ones. Here are 7 types of shawls every woman must own this winter since you can flaunt them only at a winter wedding, a traditional event, poojas, etc. but also as something as casual as a dinner date with your girls. They are simply awesome!


The regal and rich look calls for a nice pashmina, especially the one that is embroidered with kashidari work (Kashmiri embroidery), will amp up any plain and simple traditional outfit to the next level. Pashmina are available in various designs – floral (kashidari and other patterns), colour blocks, geometric designs, plains mono hued ones, etc.


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Kullu shawls are pretty simply but are designed intricately (the design will look similar to ikat) at either sides width-wise. These shawls are woven with a dovetail or a slit tapestry technique. They might look simple but are extremely warm and comfortable; a simple but original kullu shawl can cost for a whooping Rs. 3,000 and no lesser than that. They go really well on casuals (a pair of jeans and t-shirt) as well.



Usually weaved with red, black, white, yellow and royal blue coloured woolen threads, traditional Naga shawls are characterised by supplementary-weft patterning, back-strap looms. The woven designs are usually depicting life of a tribal household and are very fascinating! Naga shawls are extremely warm. The typical ones are very large. They make a really good drape-around skirt. You can wear a shirt, a t-shirt or a short kurta on this. Needless to say, a Naga skirt is very much multifunctional.


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Dhabla shawl has its origin from the semi-desert region of Kutchh. The word dhabla means a woolen blanket worn by the people of the Rabari and Bharwad communities in the Kutchh region. The traditional dhabla shawls usually come in white, beige, creme, ivory, black, etc. hues but are beautifully ornamented with intricate weft-weaved motifs. They look incredibly rich and will add the right amount of royal-look to your outfit.



Another beautiful woolen creation from Gujarat is the Rabari shawl, commonly found in Mutwa community. Traditional rabari shawls look absolutely regal and are light-weight as well since they are made up of fine hand-dyed and hand-spun cotton with embroidery done with silk thread. They mostly come in dark deep colours and very comfortable and soft to drape around. Remember the scene from ‘Goliyon Ki Rasleela – Ram Leela’, right before the song ‘Iishqiya Dishkiyaoon’, where Deepika sneaks out of her home to meet Ranveer? She is carrying a very beautiful rabari shawl in it.



Originated from the region of Kanihama in Kashmir, the Kani shawl is known to be one of the most beautiful woolen creation of mankind. It is said that the government of Jammu & Kashmir has granted a geographical identity to the shawl, which makes it illegal to sell these beautiful shawls outsite of the Kanihama area. So if you get to go to Kaniham, make sure you buy one of these. They are so magnificent and usually in bright popping colours that they are glamourise any outfit instantly.!

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