7 DIY Ways You Can Use Photo Frames That Doesn’t Involve Pictures

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7 DIY Ways You Can Use Photo Frames That Doesn’t Involve Pictures

There was a time, years ago, when photo frames were a big deal. We made these in school craft competitions, gifted each other on birthdays and put all our creativity into making several DIY kinds during summer vacations. We grew up and photo frames were reduced to wall hangings. Then came a time, the brighter, quirky versions became the most sought-after photo props. But there is so much you can do with these gorgeous pieces of intrigue.

1) Frame your plants

Frame plants

This includes a shadow box full of soil, chicken wire and succulents as major components. A day at the thrift store can get you an outlet for all that creativity and decor to flaunt.

2) Serve ware

frame serveware

Ditch those boring trays and convert your fancy photoframes into serving trays. On right hand side, you can see trays and coasters made of framed corks.

3) Vanity Trays

Make your dresser look like an aesthetic assembly of things that make you vain. Use a vintage frame for your pearls, perfumes and bracelets.

4) Wall shelves

Wall shelves can get immensely boring to look at. Spice things up by adding a frame with intricate detailing. use it for your books, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom – you cannot go wrong with a wall frame!

5) Key holders

If you are someone who tends to lose keys and hate those dull key hangers – then create one out of an old frame! Colourful, quirky and eye-catching, this one will add elegance to your walls.

6) Bed Headboard

Take those elegant bed headboards to a whole new level by creating one out of a big, huge photoframes. Make sure the colours are either bright or pastel for it to become strikingly beautiful.

7) Jewellery organiser

Hang those gorgeous neckpieces and earrings on a photo frame and let both items beautify each other.

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