7 Destinations You Must Travel To With Your Best Friend

Pack your bags already!

7 Destinations You Must Travel To With Your Best Friend

Travelling with your best friend can be therapeutic. Whether it is laying on a beach, trekking the tallest mountains and holing up in a valley, with your partner-in-crime by your side, nothing can be less enjoyable. India is filled with places to visit and though going with a romantic partner is okay, wouldn’t you want to get some girls time? For such moments, pick out any place from the list below and guarantee yourself a vacation full of great memories!

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1) Chadar 

chadar trek

Journey to a land of frozen water, cold temperatures and breathtaking views and put your fitness to test in an exhilarating trek. Chadar trek will give you and your best friend an experience to remember. The connecting villages in the journey are so remarkable, you will have the pictures of a lifetime!

2) Rishikesh

A jungle trek to the waterfall and river rafting in the Ganga will be an exciting itinerary. Ram Jhula will add culture to your otherwise thrilling trip.

3) Rajasthan

You don’t have to go to Dubai for dune bashing. Head straight to Bikaner and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan for the exhilarating activity. Camel rides, historic forts and ruins – you will have tons of experiences that occupy your memories forever.

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4) Goa

Shifting sands, indecisive waves, flea markets and Portuguese culture – if this is what your holiday should look like then head straight to the idyllic land of Goa. Get ready for some yoga amidst nature by the day and cocktails in the night.

5) Andaman Islands

Explore scuba divin7 Holiday Destinations To Visit with Your Best Friendg in the pristine Andaman Islands – a phenomenal kingdom of magnificent marine and coral reefs. Pass through kaleidoscopic fishes in an underwater garden of surreal fauna.

6) Rann of Kutch


Immerse yourself in the barrenness, which is more comfortable than desolate. It has a varied ecosystem due to having both sea and desert. Visit during Rannutsav – a three-month festival to promote tourism. Expect luxury tents, camel rides, folk music and more.

7) Sikkim

The meandering clouds over calm lakes and magnificent mountains make for the most scintillating holiday spot. Buddhist temple and local culture will not disappoint you and your bestie.

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