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7 Cotton Saree Styles You Can Flaunt This Ganesh Chaturthi

Cotton sarees are the best option to give you comfort, let your skin breath, and still look stylish. And since it’s Ganesh Chaturthi  it’s time to go traditional and don your best sarees to welcome Bappa! Here are 7 different cotton saree styles from across India that will not only make you look cool but also keep you cool.

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  • Sambhalpuri Ikhat Sarees


Add a touch of tie-dye in your sarees with ‘ikhat’ work. Sambhalpuri sarees are known for their ethnic work ranging from flowers to prints and shells. They are usually simple with little work but look stylish for every festive occasion.

  • Khadi Sarees


Hands down the most breathable material ever, khadi is light and easily wearable. Handspun and traditional cotton created khadi sarees are all the rage in this heat. Opt for light colors with this light material for this festive season

  • Kota Sarees


Rajasthani Kota sarees are known for their cottony lightness and square patterned ‘khats’ on the pallus. These delicately woven ‘khats’ are loomed traditionally into the saree for the best look.

  • Kasti Sarees

A classic nauvari saree (9 yards) or a kasti saree is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Originated from Maharashtra, Kasti sarees are tucked in the back and turn into a dhoti saree. This style is catching up on the fashion runways as well so try it this season.

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  • Dhakai Sarees

Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, these type of sarees are preferred in the East of India. They are a combination of thread work and added golden thread (zari) work (Zamdani Dhakai) can make it even richer in beauty.

  • Chanderi Sarees


Traditionally from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, these sarees are stylish and yet oozing simplicity. Although they usually have a print of coins or floral scenes or geometric patterns, newer styles are slowing entering the markets. Being simple in touch, the prints are woven into different Chanderi patterns.

  • Batik Prints Sarees


Add a touch of feminine grace with these Batik printed sarees. Cotton and prints are a perfect combination to look beautiful without a fuss this festive season. Funky prints, dots, and floral looks can be found on this style of sarees.

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