7 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Fab This Winter

7 Beauty Tips To Help You Look Fab This Winter

Our country is known for its varied weather conditions. While the days can be humid and somewhat hot, nights are known to witness a remarkable drop in temperatures. And now that the chilly weather is approaching, it’s best to be armoured! Here are 7 winter tips to take care of your face, hair, and skin.

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Winter Skincare Tips

  • Eyes

Dark circles? Not only can you enjoy a warm cup of tea, but also bust your under-eye dark circles! Once you’ve steeped your tea bags in warm water, remove them out and squeeze out the excess from them. Then, refrigerate them for 15-20 mins and apply them on your eyes while lying down. Do it every night to feel relief. Slice a boiled potato into two halves and massage the affected area around your eyes gently with the sliced potato. This will diminish dark circles as well as the puffiness.

  • Lips

Many lip glosses and balms nowadays contain sunscreen that protects your lips from sun damage. Look for ones that contain SPF and help lock the moisture in your lips and keep the harmful UV rays out. The best lip-care products must include ingredients like lanolin, shea or cocoa butter, olive and coconut oils, natural waxes, herbal infusions or extracts, and 100 percent essential oils as opposed to fragrance or flavour oils.

  • Face Masks

From fruits to aromatic oils and even charcoal infused chemicals can be found in these face masks. Depending on your need, you can find out what sheet mask works best for you face. Using multiple masks is also trending but you can start simple. Paste or cream face masks are popular in multi-masking beauty trends. Don’t get fooled by the colors but rather choose the best and most useful ingredients for your skin.

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Hair Care

  • Oils

Always oil your scalp in the winters to prevent dandruff. You can use essential oils or plain coconut oil to nourish your hair. Even eating fish oil supplements can help your hair get the needed nourishment. Protein plays an important role in hair care. It benefits our scalp as well as strengthens our hair roots and hair strands from inside. This makes the hair become healthier, shinier and stronger than before.


Winter Skincare

  • Skincare products

Determine your skin type and then use a moisturiser. Your face skin might do with a relatively lighter moisturiser, but your body needs something heavy and long-lasting. Make sure that moisturiser you choose for your face is not too heavy and greasy so that it does not accumulate dust particles, which eventually leads to painful acne issues.

  • Use Warm Water

Though it is recommended by skin experts to avoid hot water for shower (except for the times when you simply want to soak yourself in a steaming bathing tub), opting for lukewarm water for shower and face-wash purpose is very important to soften the dead and dry skin cells so that they can be rubbed off in a much easier way. Opt for moisturising body wash and face wash products. If you suffer from eczema, bath oils can help to gently soothe skin and reduce discomfort.

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