7 Beauty Benefits Of Rose Water

Refreshing Face Mist

We all know the woes of stepping out or getting ready to go our after we’ve already had a pretty long and tiring day. Next time you are in this situation try spraying your face with some rose water. It cleans and tightens your skin, leaving you with that mild fresh rosy smell. And it also quickly energizes your skin and you end up looking super fresh. You can also do this in the morning if your skin takes it’s own sweet time to come to terms with being awake!

‘Glow’ ingredient in your Face Mask

Next time you are getting set to put on a face mask, remember to add some rose water to it. Whether it’s a homemade pack or a store bought product, adding a few drops of rose water to it will definitely enhance the results that you get. Doing this will give you a beautifully refreshed glow.

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Scented Foot Soak

We all need to pamper ourselves every once in a way. And you can do that for your feet as well. Try adding some rose water to some warm water and soaking your feet in it. A warm water foot soak relaxes you while the rose water gives a nice lingering scent and also brightens your feet.

Makeup Setting Spray

Need your makeup to look blended and last all night long? Then spray your face with some rose water after you are done with your entire makeup. And no, this won’t smudge your lipstick or your mascara. Just a couple of sprays to cover the entire face and let it soak it. Not only will this set your makeup, it will also give you a beautiful glow.

De-puff your Eyes

Constantly staring at your computer screen, or even your phone can make your eyes feel tired and strained. And if you’ve had a few nights of binge watching and less sleeping, then those under eye bags are going to get you at some point. Try using chilled some cotton pads dipped in rose water over your eyes. This helps de-puff them, reduce under eye dark circles and also brightens them up.

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Tone your Skin

Rose water is probably the most inexpensive and yet effective toner you can add to your beauty routine. It’s alcohol-free, tightens pores and has a refreshing scent. Your skin will thank you for all of this.

Get rid of Acne

Use some rose water mixed with lemon juice and apply over your acne spots. You will definitely see them reduce over time. And because of rose water, the lemon juice won’t even sting that much.

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