7 Amazing Tips To Look Stylish And Classy In WorkWear Look

It's time to nail the corporate look like a pro. New Woman brings some easy-to-follow workwear tips for you to look effortlessly stylish.

7 Amazing Tips To Look Stylish And Classy In WorkWear Look

Stylish work-wear tips:


Work Wear    Work Wear

Keep one-piece dresses to a minimum. Invest in dress shirts or smart tunics that can be teamed with slim pants or churidars.


Work Wear     Work Wear

It’s the best way to create a professional look over skirts and pants. Stick to solid colours and differing lengths for flexibility. Whether you should wear a single or double-breasted jacket depends on your shape. Unstructured jackets work just as well as blazers if you work in a more relaxed office atmosphere.


Work Wear    Work Wear

You can mix and match skirts with shirt-blouses. Skirts should be at least knee-length or full-length, preferably in a pencil-slim silhouette. If that is not your scene, then I suggest you ditch the skirt completely unless you work for an advertising agency or any other creative field where you can wear a full-length gathered skirt.


Work Wear   Work Wear

Pants follow pretty much the same rules as blazers. Stick to solid colours for flexibility. Khaki pants are a working woman’s dream. They look great in the office and on the sidelines of the sports field. Whether you should wear pants with pockets, pleats or cuffs depends on your body shape.

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Work Wear    Work Wear

Stick to the basic button-down variety with regular sleeves and cuffs.


Work Wear   Work Wear

Handbags have to be big enough to carry the mandatory wallet, make-up, brush and comb but you now have to have room for cell phones, palmtops and/or date books. There is a wide variety available in the market to choose from.


Jewellery should be simple and uncomplicated. Your earrings and necklace do not have to match exactly. It’s easier if they don’t.

Work Wear


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