6 Ways To Wear Hoop Earrings

The bigger the better!

6 Ways To Wear Hoop Earrings

Girls always want to be up-to-date with the on going fashion trends. One particular trend that you might have noticed are the big round hoop earrings. Even the celebs couldn’t seem to keep their hands off from pulling this look. But it may seem difficult to pull a daunting look with these big babies. Don’t you worry, all you need to know is a few tricks and tips and you are all set to rock these hoops.



Here are a few tips that’ll guide you to wear the hoop earrings like a pro…

1. Bold lips and over sized hoop earrings


Making hoops your statement piece will definitely bring some attention to your face. Make sure to rock your favourite red lipstick to acquire a dramatic yet cool hipster look. In addition to your lipstick, you can as well style your hair.

2. Big sleek earring and boho look


Accomplish a cool gypsy or bohemian look and team it up with big polished hoop earrings. You can as well add an head wrap which is very fashionable and cool right now.

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3. Geometrical hoop earrings


You don’t have to limit your style just to the basic hoop earring. try and experiment with the geometric hoop earrings as well. They give a very modern and elegant vibe to your outfits.

4.  Tiny hoop earrings


It’s not always possible to rock those big hoops. Sometimes going minimal is the key to look classy. Pair some tiny hoops with your outfit an there you are looking more distinguishable and interesting. Plus these are a great option to wear in any occasion.

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5. Hoop drop earrings


The drop hoop earrings are trendy and modern at the moment. Give a twist and interest to your otherwise simple clothes by accessorizing drop earring to it. You can as well try to team up these earrings with a beautiful dress or off-the-shoulder top that will accentuate your neck.

6. Disproportionate big hoops


Accessorize your ears with some bigger than size jewellery. They’ll be a perfect addition to your style and you can even pull this look on your traditional attire. Obviously, they aren’t something you can wear very often, but its fun to turn some heads at times.

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