6 Ways To Wear Bomber Jackets

6 Ways To Wear Bomber Jackets

Fashion trends keep changing but there are some that always leave a mark. This season it’s all about bomber jackets! From celebrities to the fashion insiders, every person seems to have a liking for these jackets. Allow them to take over your wardrobes because there’s no way you cannot look cool in them.

These 6 style tips on how to wear bomber jackets will make you head to the mall ASAP to find the one that’s right for you!

1. Crop Tops

Bomber jackets make for the best athleisure piece. Wear one with your favorite jeans, sneakers, and a crop top for a simple yet flirty look that will work for basically any ocassion.

2. Co-Ords

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Bomber jackets look even sexier and cooler when paired with a set of co-ords. You can either opt for one matching your co-ord’s colour or in a different tone to add some pop of colour.

3. Skirts

When you add a bomber jacket to your skirt, you’re instantly adding oomph to your look. You can head out looking just the perfect mix of feminine and hip.

4. Jeans and Top

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Bomber jackets are a good addition to your casual attire. They can instanly make any look more put together without having to put much work in. Just grab a bomber jacket atop of your regular jeans and top and you are good to go.

5. All Black Outfit

If you are a lover of the colour black, this one is definitely perfect for you. Adding a different colour of bomber jacket to your all black outfit will help you to add just the right amount of colour to your look and at same time you can still stick to your gothic theme.

6. Dress

Pair a bomber jacket with your lit-up dress to make it look more casual. Plus they are perfect to even run errands wearing this!

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