6 Ways To Make Your Home Vastu-Friendly

Though Vastu Shastra is an ancient concept, but its roots and beliefs are still going strong. In order to make your home your more blissful, we have rounded up simple tricks to make your home Vastu-friendly.

Colour of peace:

As per Vastu, colours are supposed to be used according to the direction in which the room lies in a home. A room in the east should be coloured white for prosperity, but a room on the west side of the house will benefit from being blue. Green is ideal for bringing in some luck for rooms located in the north, while pink is perfect for rooms in the south.

A touch of serenity:

According to Vastu, adding a few serene and beautiful decorating elements in a room invites positive vibrations in the room. Thus, adding a beautiful and peaceful object in a room, be it a serene stone statue of Buddha or a pretty landscape of a calm countryside, will help to create a happy and positive vibe in that room.

The right placement of mirror:

Vastu Shastra considers glass and mirror to have a very strong influence on the wellbeing of a home. According to Vastu, a mirror at home in any room should only be placed on the walls in the north or east direction. Moreover, the mirror in a bedroom should not be placed in front of the bed and should be placed in such a way that the reflection of someone standing outside the room is not visible in it.

The entrance of your home: The entrance to your home is one of the most important factors that determine the channelization of negative or positive energies into your home. In order to usher in energy and liveliness into your household, the entrance door to the home should ideally be facing the east. While doors facing northwards to the east also drive positivity into the homes, those facing south are discouraged as they carry in energies of misfortune, illness and anger. 

Get the right lighting:

Lighting as per Vastu should first and most importantly be adequate. Inadequate lighting leads to imbalances in a home according to Vastu rules. Also lighting in the bedroom should be soothing and should use delicate textures to promote harmony. Lamps and lights positioned along the north and east walls are considered positive, as light emanating from the north-east represents approaching prosperity.

Kitchen area: In order to maximise the inflow of positive energies into your home and promote a sense of well-being within the household, the kitchen should ideally be located towards the south-east corner of the home. It is also important to be facing towards the east when cooking food in the kitchen, and therefore the placement of equipment should be done accordingly


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