6 Ways To Improve Your Body Language

Keep yourself equipped with these signs!

6 Ways To Improve Your Body Language

There are six and a half thousand languages in the world. But there is a one language that
we all understand, the language of the body. We can read confidence, shyness or someone
who just needs to use a bathroom by seeing their body language. So let’s find out what your
body language gives away so that your body can communicate directly.

1. Eye contact


They say that the eyes are windows to the soul. How your eyes meet
the other eyes normally is the indication of your interest and honesty. It’s supposed
to be a great factor in giving a job interview. Good strong eye contact is one thing, a
hard stare is another.

2. Legs


Leg position is influenced by clothing. A leg spread is very
impolite in many cultures. The more close formed is when one foot wraps around
the back of the leg this is called Ankle Lock. A female power pose is both legs
together parallel and tilled to the side, it shows power.

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3. Playing with Hair


Men don’t often play with their hair but if women do it spreading
your finger through your hair especially taking hair away from your face is often
seen as flirtation and open, since you are showing you are happy with your
appearance. Holding hair indicate awkwardness and nervousness. Make sure your
hands don’t linger too long in your locks.

4. Drumming Fingers


We fidget from time to time in a variety of different ways-nail
biting, head starching, mouth rib ling and the list goes on… you wouldn’t notice
them unless you were looking at the person for some time. However finger
drumming is loud and obvious message it broadcasts your impatience of frustration
across the whole room and you do not release your doing it. Opening your palms
makes you more trustworthy, as your showing you have nothing hidden in them.

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5. Shaking Hands

There’s a lot of science involved in a simple handshake. There are
many factors in a hand shake. No one likes a weak handshake. It implies a lack of
determination and commitment. Using two hands in a cup position shows sincerity
and desire of closeness, but cupping from above shows dominance as you are
trapping their hands between yours.

6. Lying


Lying is a skill that takes practice. Lack of eye contact is a typical sign of
dishonesty. Another sign of lying is a dry mouth. Look out for people licking their
lips or swallowing strangely.

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Article by Zohra Chitalwala, Image Consultant 
She is the Founder and Director of Image2Image Consultation. As a qualified Image Consultant, she advises individuals and corporate clients on grooming, appearance, behavior and communication skills through individual and group training.


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