6 Types of Sexual Partners You Will Encounter In Adulthood

We’ve all had our share of relationships. From bad boys who are very good in bed to good boys who can be bad in bed. But do you have a type? You’ve seen them all! Emotional but tough? Handsome but bad in bed? How do you know what category they fit into? Here are 6 types of lovers you’ve had or probably are dating!

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Romantic Fools


The sweetest, cutest and cheesiest person ever, they love anything romantic. He will go the extra mile and do everything right out of a Mills & Boons romantic novel. From flowers, chocolate, and even couple massages, this lover is there to satisfy all your fairytale dreams. He doesn’t really care about the sex (but he’s human so he does like sex) but not as much as the sex addict guy. He cares about your emotional happiness more than your sexual pleasure. This lover will be intimate in any way whenever they aren’t physically around you.

Sex Addicts


Basically, all you guys do is have sex whenever you are together. The polar opposite of a romantic fool, he knows what he wants and gets it too. Everything is else is a backseat while it comes to this lover. He cares about sex and not your health, happiness, and other feelings. You’re probably with him for a friends with benefits relationship that gets you both laid without the commitment of a title.

Bad Boy / Good Boy


He is a bad boy who is good at heart and in bed! This lover can look intimidating and mean but they’re a softy and know how to please you in just the right way. Another category could be the good boy who is clearly a sexpert in bed pushing all those right buttons to make you orgasm in minutes. Good boys are the ones you can talk about astrophysics and then enjoy the chemistry in bed.

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Person Possessive


A bit extreme, these lovers are clearly bordering on an unhealthy state of mind. Being close to you is good but invading your personal space and life 24×7 can be harmful to you and them. He is overly attached and possessive of you and hates when you chose anyone else over him. Sex can be rough and dominating to get you to submit and be attached in the same way to him. He cares about you but has a mean way of punishing you for picking your family, friends or work and even yourself over his wishes and needs.

Stressed Sex Lovers


Everyone suffers from stress and a good way to relive it is to have sex or rather an orgasm. So whenever they are tired, having a bad day, fights with families, or stressed at work, it affects your sex life. They aren’t keen to have sex since they are so tired and mentally exhausted. And if they do have sex, they are not at all present or passionate towards the activity. Focus on sex decreases as partners try to navigate how to work out their issues. If he is not interested, you can spice things up with toys, roleplay, and foreplay in the bedroom. Or else masturbating is a good way to enjoy sex and relieve stress.

Selfish Partners


The worst kind of sexual partners are the ones who are selfish. They only care about their foreplay, their pleasure and orgasms. He doesn’t bother even asking if you’ve enjoyed and assumed that you did since he did too. He is also dominating and expects you to bow down and follow his commands in and outside the bedroom. They can get angry and violent when their needs are not met first. Selfish partners only care about their own sexual needs and want.

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