6 Tips To Remember While Working With Statement Jewellery

Experiment with your necklines!

6 Tips To Remember While Working With Statement Jewellery

The one accessory that can make or break your outfit is jewelry. From dainty rings to chunky bracelets, jewelry can make you look oh so stylish with one piece. These single piece beauties are often referred to as statement pieces. Something that will make everyone stop and admire your entire outfit all because of your classic necklace or studded ring. Here are 6 tips that you should remember when using statement jewelry into your daily looks.

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  • Minimal is More

Work with less because that’s more. Statement jewelry is already highly focused pieces and its best to stick one or at max two accessories in your outfit. Don’t go over the top with your jewelry because that’ll clash with your outfit and ruin your entire look. Either pick bold earrings or a heavy neckpiece but not both at the same time since they both lie around your face. Go opt for earrings and rings or necklace with palm bracelets. Remember simple designs can always be layered for a whole look.

  • Attention To Necklines

NecklinesNecklines Cheat Sheet

Attention-grabbing necklaces are the talk of the town. With celebrities now flaunting all kinds of neck pieces in bold colors and patterns, statement jewelry is here to stay. Be with dresses or jeans, choose your necklaces wisely based on the neckline of your top. Chokers and bib necklaces are focus pieces so let them stand out by avoiding any other jewelry.

  • Simple Looks

Simple Looks

A cute LBD with a fun neckpiece or a summer dress with cocktail rings, keep it simple with all your looks. When wearing bold funky colors across a white background is a smart idea. It’ll help pop the colors and put your jewelry on display. Work heavy pieces with clear solid colored outfits. Mixing patterns and designs will mess with your heavy jewelry and make it look cluttered.

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  • Bracelet Business


Pair your bracelets with matching earrings for a perfect look. You can always work on your including palm bracelets and ring bracelets into your fancy look. They are modern, trendy and stylish. Go simple like Rihanna with coordinated statement bracelets and earrings. Cutout cuff bracelets will help emphasize on your arms. Pearls are currently fashion favourite and can be seen on bracelets more than other jewelry

  • Focus on Earrings


While choosing statement earrings always keep in mind the length, design, color, and shape. This will affect how it frames your face. Earrings will draw attention to your face and needs to be balanced correctly with your outfit and makeup. If you go for statement earrings or ear cuffs, stick to sleek hair that shows off your jewelry. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie stuns in a black dress but with an emerald ring and drop earrings.

  • Put A Ring On It


Bold chunky accessories give your look that much-needed volume when your dress is al straight and simple. Best way to use is cocktail rings. Studded or sparkly, rings can be a key piece of jewelry in your look. Pull of a coordinated look with matching with fancy earrings of the same metals and color. Midi rings could also act as statement jewelry for a casual day out.

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