6 Tips To Remember Before Your First Time

Make it memorable!

6 Tips To Remember Before Your First Time

Having sex for the first time? Are you prepared for it? Things can get awkward in minutes if you don’t know what to do. But worry not, we’re here to save you from embarrassment. Make your first time memorable for both you and your partner. Follow these tips to have a memorable first time!

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  • Timing!

It’s all in the timing. Having sex for the first time can be scary and yet exciting. It depends on when you and your partner want to do the deed. So it’s important to know if you both are ready to do this.

  • Perfect Spot

First times are considered to be special. And choosing the right place and location takes a lot of research and timing. We wouldn’t want anyone catching you in an awkward situation. Choose a place that is comfortable for you and your partner.

  • Clean Up


Very important! If you plan on having sex in either of your bedrooms it’s a good idea to clean up. Messy rooms will make things uncomfortable and awkward for both of you. The only focus should be on you and your partner. Personal hygiene is an obvious point. Showering and looking your best will help set the mood.

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  • Create The Mood


Candles, Lights, Music – These are your best help in creating the right mood for sex. Sensual playlists and scented candles can actually turn you both on increasing the chances of sex.

  • Consent


Consent is important in all cases. Asking and making sure your partner is willing to initiate sex with you. It shows that you respect your partner to think about their choices as well.

  • Protection


Always have protection on you! Condoms are the most effective to have safe sex. Birth control pills and contraceptives are equally useful. First times can be nerve wrecking but focus on being safe and you’ll enjoy your time.

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