6 Tips for The Working Woman Keeping Karva Chauth

6 Tips for The Working Woman Keeping Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is for sure the most difficult fast women have to keep after their wedding. This requires them to not eat or even drink a sip of water at for the whole day till the moon rises. Modern women nowadays work full day jobs, take care of the house and do a hundred different things all in a day. So how do you prepare for such a tough task? By being aware of what it takes to maintain the fast and how to manage your day.

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Don’t Skip Sargi

Karva Chauth Tips

Don’t be shy or overconfident that you’ll manage the hunger. It’s impossible. No water and no food will already be putting your body under pressure while using up your energy. So eat your fill of the sargi before you start your long day at work and home. Sargi is meant to be eaten before sunrise and is usually prepared by the mother-in-law for the daughter-in-law or bride. Containing dry fruits, milk products, sweets and fruits, the sargi tray or basket of foods will help you survive the day ahead. Eat foods rich in protein and no fatty or sugary foods since they’ll make you lazy and tired.

Modify The Fast

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Nobody is perfect, so you can tweak the rituals based on modern times. Traditional ways can seem a bit harsh for the working woman. You can switch to healthy options of fasting. Modifying your fast according to your body is okay as long as you don’t harm your body. Have a sip of a drink or eat a fruit to gain some energy. A long day at work can be exhausting enough so you deserve some kindness.

Work Less

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This can be tricky, but try to keep your energy in reserves. Don’t overwork yourself in the office and run around for menial things. Bosses usually are understanding enough and if they aren’t you can just call in a sick day and leave early.

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Distract Yourself

Tips for The Working Woman Keeping Karva Chauth

Distraction is key to this day. You need to avoid your hunger pangs by immersing yourself in work. Daydream and fantasize about the fun evening you are going to have after you leave work. Talk to your colleagues and your husband who you’re keeping this fast for in the first place. While your time away with work, gossip and anything except food and drinks. During lunch, you might want to escape to the roof, watch some funny videos or go out for a stroll so you don’t get tempted to break your fast.

Don’t Touch Caffeine


Breaking your fast can be the most joyous feeling ever after a long day at work. But don’t run towards the coffee or fried junk food. Since your stomach has been empty for the whole day, eating caffeine or processed food will create more acids in your belly. Break your fast with water or fruit juices. Later you can binge on more healthier options with your husband and family.

Be Prepared

Karva Chauth Tips

As much as we wish, there are some side effects we just can’t avoid. Fasting for long hours can affect your body, especially when done only for a day. You could get dizzy, feel nausea and get stomach burns from not eating for a long time. Rather than messing with your health and being stubborn, break your fast with a glass of water to feel better. We’re sure your husband will understand and love you even more.

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