6 Tips To Do And To Avoid Before Gym

6 Tips To Do And To Avoid Before Gym

The ultimate question is should you eat before or after gym. How about both? You can eat but as long as you understand what to eat and what you need to avoid before and more importantly after your workout session. Here are 6 tips to remember when it comes to eating before and after the gym.

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Have Carbs

Carbs Food

It’s okay to have carbs! Yes, before your gym or workout, carbs are good fuel to break down your sugars. Eating a lot of proteins before your work out will help your body prioritise exercise over anything thus burning more calories. Ideally, you should be eating 2-3 hours before the gym like a banana or a bowl of oatmeal.

Understand Your Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Intense routine – Stick to light meals. You don’t exactly want to puke out your guts while indoor cycling or in boot camp.l Eat a light meal that gets digested 2 hours before your workout session to avoid any health issues like heartburn, stomach aches, and uneasiness.

No Fatty Foods

Fatty Foods

If you have a high-intensity workout session the avoid piling on carbs. That’ll just make things harder for you to get rid off.  No fatty foods at all if you want your calories and fats to burn out faster.

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Timing Matters

low carb

Get food in your tummy within  30minutes of your workout. This will help your body stick a routine and process the foods faster. Keep a low carb or protein shake on hand in your gym bag for that snack.

Pack In Proteins


After all that exercise, it’s best to repair those muscles with proteins. You can eat some low carbs, protein bars or stick to a protein shakes made with fruits.

Drink Up

protein shakes

Refill your body fluids with plenty of water and fruit juices, unsweetened and fresh if possible. Drinking water helps naturally flush out germs and bacteria in your body while keeping you hydrated.

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