6 Things Guys Hate About Missionary Sex Position

6 Things Guys Hate About Missionary Sex Position

Women may totally love missionary sex but ask a guy about it and he’ll definitely be having second thoughts. It’s not like they completely hate it, but are not great fan of the position as well! It might be the oldest and greatest sex position out of the all, but there are certain things guys totally hate about it.

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  • There’s not much to see.

In this style guys don’t get much action to see. They are suckers for visual during sex and as romantic as it is to stare into your eyes while boning, it isn’t exactly titillating. And every other sex position imaginable gives guys a better look at your body.

  • He’s doing all the work.

All you need to do is lie down and enjoy. Whereas he has to do the work and he completely hates this! This is not at all a sex position for a lazy man.

  • It’s basic.

All guys want something different and fun when they are with you. Missionary feels lame because it’s become like a default sex position. It’s simple and uncomplicated. It how parents and grandparents do it!

  • It’s not ideal if he is husky.

Can you bear all of his weight onto you tiny body? He might be slowing crushing you and pressing you into the mattress. Okay, that’s not true, but he’ll definitely get self conscious about this and might think that’s what is happening.

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  • What is he supposed to do with his arms?

When you lie on top of him, he has multiple options to place his hands, but in missionary there is no ideal spot. He can put them under you, but then it’ll feel awkward. And a standard push-up position will make it feel more military than missionary!

  • You can end up bursting his eardrums.

If you happen to be loud during sex, with his ears near your face you are literally screaming into his ears while you climax. On the one hand you are enjoying, but he is feeling what exactly the opposite of enjoying is.

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