6 Style Tricks Every Groom-to-be Needs to Know


Stylist Nitin Singh has a background in TV Networks and an MBA in marketing and finance. He has drawn in fashion trends from Europe, USA and Dubai and blended it with Indian culture and fabrics. He believes, “Everyone should wear customised clothes like it’s their second skin.”

The dapper stylist has styled celebrities such as Varun Dhawan, Terrence Lewis, Kapil Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Madhur Bhandarkar, Jacky Bhagnani and Suraj Pancholi. Nitin elaborates, “What we men love the most are white pants paired with neutral suits or a double-breasted blazer with classic statement shoes, accessorised  with sun-hats and coloured sunglasses. For casual wear, opt for a washed denim jacket paired with comfortable trainers or maybe a sports luxe wear with shades that complete the look.”He shares tips for grooms-to-be on how to get the right look —

With the wedding season around the corner, here, he shares tips for grooms-to-be on how to get the right look:

1. Keep it simple and classic.

2. Concentrate on the cut of the suit according to your body shape.

3. The suit’s collar should be minimum 3 inches.

4. Pick a pair of shoes that stand out and balance the classic suit.

5. Accessorize the suit with a small diamond button.

6. Complete the look with a traditional turban.

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