6 Stunning Ways To Drape Your Old Traditional Saree

Wear this traditional Indian attire with a modern style twist and be the centre of attraction.

6 Stunning Ways To Drape Your Old Traditional Saree

Want to stand out in the embellished, heavily embroidered nine-yard brigade? Take help from designers, who are setting new trends on the runway regularly. Tweak your style sense a little and opt for the following choices.

Traditional with a simple twist:

Traditional Saree

Take some old piece out of your mom’s closet and pair that with a long coat or a heavy dupatta (that will act like an extra pallu). Designers Bina Rao and Anuradha Pegu has exactly done that in their recent collections.

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Traditional yet chic:

Traditional Saree

You can take hints from the collection of designers like Asheema & Leena or Aartivijay Gupta and pick a bold footwear, tie the saree with a belt, experiment with the draping of the pallu. Be different with your make-up choices too.

Drape it or wrap it:

Traditional Saree

While draping the saree, forget traditional draping technique, just wrap it! Designers like Gaurav Jai Gupta and Kasha are doing that only.

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Be experimental with blouse:

Traditional Saree

Do you remember Sonam Kapoor wearing this Nikasha creation (above right) at Bipasha Basu’s wedding? Though some may not like her choice, but she made a statement. Or take the Monica & Karisma creation (above left) for that matter. They have also picked up some unusual choice as the blouse.

Bold, yet beautiful:

Traditional Saree

Anavila, one of the favourites with many Bollywood celebrities, has come up with sarees which are a little short in length. On the other hand, RimZim Dadu has designed sarees with structured pallu, which will give you an entirely different look.

Black is the new red:

Traditional Saree

Who says black is meant for only LBDs? Designers are favouring this colour over the traditional red now. Malini Ramani always has a fetish for black. But upcoming designers like Hemang Agarwal (Weaver’s Studio) are also using a lot of blacks now.

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