6 Professional Manicure Tips From The Experts

6 Professional Manicure Tips From The Experts

Manicures are a must have for every girl. Taking care of your nails and making them look pretty is a hobby and an art as well. But nail polishes can be tricky and messy if not handled correctly From rough edges to scraping at the extra edges, manicures whether in the comfort of your home or at the nail salon can be quite intimidating. You need to have utmost patience and let them dry before you try to get anything done. Here are 6 professional tips from the experts who are here to save your nails.

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  • Start Afresh

Manicure Tips

Whenever you work with your nails, clear out the older nail polish. Start afresh by wiping away any remaining colors of the nails with a cotton ball or nail polish remover pad dipper in acetone. Even if it is the same color, don’t get lazy and try to over layer it since this will end up looking messy and clog your nails. This will also clear out any stubborn layers of oils and dirt on your nails which will prevent the new layer from sticking on.

  • Always File

Manicure Tips

As much as you hate the weird feeling off filing your nails, don’t skip this process. Always keep a file handy in your bag since you don’t know when you might get a hangnail and end up ruining your clothes or your cuticles. Swipe right to left on the edges to leave a smooth snag free ends after you cut them. Filing them into shapes is also a good way to check if they are healthy and how easily they can be reshaped.

  • Cuticle Care

Manicure Tips

Don’t ever cut your cuticles! Your cuticles are the sole reason that protects your nails from bacteria and infections that you could pick up on a daily basis. Try applying cuticle oils or making homemade scrubs for your nails to exfoliate dead skin and promote nail growth. Dip them in warm water and scrub your cuticles gently to get rid of excess oil and dirt.

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  • Cover All Bases!

Professional Manicure Tips

Forgetting a base coat is like declaring war against your nails. Any color you pick, always apply a base coat on your freshly cleaned nails. This acts as a base for any other stronger nail polish from sticking on directly to your nails. Removing these stubborn colors can be tricky and hence a clear base will help prevent any damage to your nail beds.

  • Double It Up

Professional Manicure Tips

When applying nail polish, all you need is a steady hand. This may seem a task but you’ll learn from practice. Start at the edge of your nail bed and make single smooth swipes downwards. Don’t take too much on the brush as it clump and thick coats look weird.

  • Seal It All In

Professional Manicure Tips

The ultimate cardinal rule, while doing or getting a manicure, is to seal it all in with a top coat. You can always use a clear coat nail polish that will help secure any spillover nail polish from the edges. Let your nails dry completely before you apply this coat so as to not mess up it up with scratches and marks. If your nail polish tends to chip away easily, apply another top coat after a day to prevent it from flaking.

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