6 Power Foods To Stay Super Healthy

Keep these foods handy for a meal high on taste and nutrition at all times. Eat these every week, and be on the path to good health.

6 Power Foods To Stay Super Healthy

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a citrus fruit with a sour to semi-sweet taste. Research says that grapefruit is completely loaded with vitamins and minerals and eating half of a fresh grapefruit before meals are associated with significant weight loss. Furthermore, this fruit also improves insulin sensitivity and helps in the management of diabetes. Thus, eating grapefruit before meals is a refreshing strategy to lose weight.

Eggs: Eggs are one of the healthiest foods available on this planet. Eggs are a perfect combination of an amazing taste and good quality protein. It has high satiety value that keeps hunger pangs at bay. Eggs are filling because of its high protein content. Foods that are rich in protein reduce your appetite and keep you full for a longer period of time as compared to low protein foods. Eating such foods reduce your calorie intake later on.

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Fish: Fish is an amazing source of good quality protein and healthy fat. Protein increases satiety whereas, omega-3 fatty acid (healthy fat) present in fish prevents deposition of abdominal fat. However, it is best to consume fish in baked or grilled form in order to achieve weight loss. Deep fried fish may not help in weight loss due to its increased fat content. Deep frying may add extra calories which are not needed at all.

Peanuts: Research has found that eating peanuts can reduce the risk of obesity and can help you to maintain a healthy weight. Peanuts contain a high amount of good quality fat. Such a high-fat content delays hunger pangs and kerbs appetite. Furthermore, the presence of good quality fat in peanuts inhibits deposition of fat in the body. Besides this, peanuts do contain dietary fibre that further prevents weight gain and obesity.

Note: Do not opt for salted or fried peanuts. A handful of plain roasted peanuts is a good mid-meal snack option.

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Yoghurt: Research has confirmed that adding yoghurt to your daily diet may speed weight loss, improve body’s fat trimming process and trim your tummy. Yoghurt is a good source of calcium, whey and casein protein and amino acids. These nutrients have shown to facilitate weight loss as well as fat loss. High calcium intake is associated with the breakdown of fat and reduced accumulation. Furthermore, yoghurt contains probiotics that enhance the growth of gut-friendly bacteria. Probiotics reduce the absorption of dietary fat and increase its excretion. Probiotics also kerb the appetite and delay hunger pangs.

Whole grains: The presence of dietary fibre in whole grains helps in weight loss. When you eat processed foods that contain little fibre you end up eating more because it doesn’t make you feel full. Thus, you end up consuming more calories and this leads to weight gain. But consumption of fibre-rich foods make you feel full and reduces your overall calorie intake. Research says that individuals who consume whole grains have lower waist circumference as compared to individuals who consume refined or processed foods. Furthermore, whole grain intake is associated with lower body fat percentage and lower trunk fat.

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