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6 Pastel Nail Paints That You Can Flaunt Everyday

Soft subtle nail colours always work! They go on almost every style of outfits. It is a misbelief that nail colours lighter than skin tones do not look good, and it is absolutely wrong! They, in fact, brighten our hands and make them look absolutely graceful, dainty and very feminine. The creamy, milky nature of pastel colours should be must-buys of any season! Here are 5 pastel nail colours that you can flaunt everyday.

Universal Beige

Nothing ever can go wrong with this nail colour. Just like the red and black it is also a universal colour. There is some kind of air of sophistication with this hue. This is, by far, one of the top three must-buys of all times!

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Sunshine Yellow

The yellow that looks like that of morning sunshine can never disappoint anyone. This colour will brighten up gloomiest days and will give you your personal sunshine.

Soft Grey

This shade gives the solid and neutral look to your hands. It looks so strong yet so elegant and feminine at the same time. There is nothing like a splash of grey to your nails!

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Powder Blue

One of the softest pastels, this pastel blue will give your hands a soft powdery look. It will give an impression of bubbliness yet calmness. Wear it on a cute short summer dress or on your rocking pair of denim pants.

Minty Green

Another colour to brighten up any skin tone, minty green will such a cool look to your hands. This is one of the green shades that will never disappoint anyone ever.

Macaroon Pink

The one colour that can speak for many as well as varied personalities. The soft pink with an almost-there hint of coral will go for bubbly personality as well as a sophisticated businesswoman.

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