6 Not So Sexual Moves That Will Still Turn Him On!

The Queen Of Tease!

6 Not So Sexual Moves That Will Still Turn Him On!

It’s all in the tease! While a good session of obvious seduction and foreplay is needed, you need to learn how to keep the sexy mood alive 24×7. You don’t necessarily need to remove your clothes to keep him interested. From fidgeting with your hair to stealing from his wardrobe, there are some simple acts that leave men flustered and horny for more.  Master these moves to drive him wild in and out of bed.

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  • Mirror, Mirror

eye contact with your partner

Making eye contact with your partner while dressing up for work or a party through the mirror is a good way to catch their attention. A simple act of clasping your necklace or applying lipstick while stealing glances at your man can be very sexy. He’ll probably take you back to bed in no time.

  • In His Clothes

Sexual Moves

Can’t find your top? Steal his shirt! As much as it looks like they hate it, in their hearts, they’re secretly puffing their chests. It’s a good way to show that you’re his (we don’t exactly know how this works but oh well!) and prance around half dressed. Completely innocent and yet subtly sexy.

  • Pouty Faces

Pouty lips

Mind you we say pouty faces not only the lips. Pouty lips and duck faces are not sexy at all. But a cute pouty face makes their inner hero come to your rescue. Whenever you’re worried about something and the pout comes on, men just can’t seem to ignore that vulnerable state.

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  • Mooning over Moaning


A bit of moan that slips out of your mouth every time you stretch like a cat is a major act that drives him crazy. Nothing ignites their fire and egos better than being able to make you weak with pleasure. He will try his level best to make you moan more than ever.

  • Sweatpants’ Looks


A killer move is to walk around in sweatpants and a large t-shirt outfit, messy hair, and no makeup. Men do prefer an ‘au natural’ look more than a caked up face. A softer, sleepy girl is sexy and alluring to any man. Hint, this might get you some definite cuddles if not the real deal.

  • Hair tying Shows

Hair tying Shows

Tying your hair in a ponytail, or in a messy bun all casually. Extra brownie points for doing a stretch and maybe showing off your midriff. A classic move, getting your hair in a knot actually drives them crazy with lust.

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