6 Ways To Breathe Magic Into Your Sex Life

Is your sex act becoming mundane? Take inspiration from THESE tips and tricks and recreate the magic all over again.

6 Ways To Breathe Magic Into Your Sex Life

1. Go for morning sex: Indulging in morning sex, at least once a week, is a great way to start your day. Studies have proved that people who engage in morning sex are healthier and happier. So start your day with an amazing time with your partner.

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2. Surprise your man: Welcome your partner with a sex-related surprise. Wear sexy lingerie, decorate your bedroom with candles for a romantic glow and set the mood for long and passionate love making. But restrict this surprise for special moments.

3. Try role play: Be the woman of your man’s fantasies. Find out his secret desires and try to fulfill them for him. Indulge in role playing. Couples who try exciting role plays find their sex life to be anything but boring.

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4. Flirt with him: Send playful messages through the day to your man. Tell him what you’re doing or wearing and get him to fantasise about you. Get naughty and flirt with him, like you just started dating.

5. Make out often: End up every tiff or argument by making love. Spend time in foreplay, as it makes sex more interesting and charges up both the partners before the actual act. These special moments will make your partner feel great.

6. Watch erotica together: Take time out of your schedule to watch an erotic film together. Play some naughty couple games that you both enjoy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and make that effort to strengthen your relationship.

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