6 Intimate-Care Essentials To Never Forget While Travelling

The compulsory 'Dos' of intimate-care while you are travelling.

6 Intimate-Care Essentials To Never Forget While Travelling

We all love to travel, let that be solo or with our girl gang. We take care of everything – food, accommodation, transport, clothes, etc. But, often, we forget to take care of our personal health, especially of our vagina. We roam around, consume water and food of the places that are very different from our residential place, use public toilets that are used by many, and also the water used for sanitary purpose is different than the water used for sanitation in our residential area. When we expose ourselves to unhygienic washrooms or unfamiliar sanitation water there are chances of contracting infections like Urinary Track Infection, Vaginal Infection, etc.; therefore, our v-area has to be looked after. Women, never overlook intimate-care; so take note of these 5 intimate-care essentials that your must never forget while travelling.

Intimate Wash

Whenever you shower, always use a good intimate to keep you V-area. Opt for an intimate wash of a recognized brand and its pH level (power of hydrogen level in our body) should be between 3.5 and 4.5. Intimate wash is one of the most effective ways of cleaning our V-area thoroughly. Lather it and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.

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Intimate creams should be applied to the intimate area before bedtime but only after your V-area is thoroughly washed with an intimate wash. It works overnight and kills infection-causing agents and cleans the V-area.

Intimate Powder

We all know that travelling throughout the day makes us sweaty. One of the most sweat-affected areas is our V-area, and when a lot of moving around is involved, sweat gets accumulated and skin-irritations start developing. To keep this at bay, powder you V-area with an intimate powder.

Panty Liners

Panty liners literally save the day! If you know you might not get a clean washroom throughout the day go for these saviours. Opt for antibacterial panty liners.

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Toilet-Seat Spray

A toilet-seat spray is a must! They are very handy and easy to carry even in a small back-pack. Spray some of it on toilet-seat before using it. They protect you from infection-causing elements.

Stay Hydrated

Last but not the least at all – drink fluids throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated. Lesser water-level in our body can cause burning sensation in our V-opening. Also, if ever there is a chance of getting infected, fluids wash out the infection-causing agents.

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